strong tree woman write about trees ? Lol
I can't get enough of them trees can I !
again just like herbs there are just far to many uses of trees for me to list them all. However I will say I think the tree has not had much value to people medicinally until the last 10-5 yrs most people just focused on plants forgetting about our other tall friends .
Sure everyone went gungho to save the Amazon but aside from the jungle provides a home for those below and we get a great supply of oxygen what else did people value of a tree? Wood , table chairs , fences , homes . Roots used for rope in building canoes .
spruce heals , pine helps a cough , birch helps with arthritis , highbush cranberry with cramps and on and on .
Of course over the last five years with the tree becoming more popular there are a lot of spiritual and books on magickal elements of trees but on this blog I try to just focus on the medicinal health qualities of plants etc.

One of my fav tree books is very out of print and my scanner is not working !
I so wanted to scan a pic of the cover for You .
But alas my search comes up with nothing .
two books I received from my mother are
Native Trees of Canada by Forestry Canada 4th edition 1950
Forest Regions of Canada by J.S. Rowe
if you can get your hands on these they are excellent books for reference and nature study
a few of my fav tree books that have helped me learn the medicinal properties of trees over the yrs are
Tree Medicine by Peter Conway
keep in mind some books have been written by Europeans and so not all trees listed are found h ere in North America but I find the books well written and worth owning .

The Meaning of Trees  by Fred Hageneder


well I take it back ! I got the printer & scanner working . Thanks to a dh who restored the system ☺
so I've scanned some of my most fav books on trees I recieved via my Mum and I do believe they are all out of print but should have no trouble finding via used book sites .