I feel there are far to many herbs for me to list an account of which each one does so I am going to just give a list of my fav resources that have helped me over the years.
Let me again remind people that the far best useful resopurce is that knowledge we gain from sharing with others . So while you can ask your old folk about the local plants and their uses .
Study books which are of local history and uses for the plant life in your area . If you don't know of any books call your local nurseries , plant clubs and don't forget about those learning institutions ! I can't say enough about how helpful people from certain areas of study can be .

I am currently trying to find herbal works by priests and monks so far I only have one book titled Herbs and Weeds by Fr. J. Kunzle   

 For Fun I also love reading the day book China Bayles Book of Days because of course many other books are referenced throughout this one ☺
I am a sucker for Botanical mysteries by the way . 
As Mentioned I very much make use of our local books
which help us learn what herbs and such to pick in the Boreal forest

If there ever were any courses I could afford to take there are a few places which I continue to drool over and I've listed them below . Thus far it would appear I am meant to continue to learn freely ♥

Cousrses offered by Susun Weed and Others via Wise Woman University

Aside from the great elders I have to teach me of herbal wisdom some of my most beloved Mentors are