I am going to have to control myself on this page lol !
after raising & homeschooling children for over 30 yrs the amount of books and resources to educate and do things with kids regarding healthy lifestyle and nature will be hard to limit my lists ☺
I love teaching children it is one of the most beautiful gifts & joys bestowed upon an adult .
I can't say enough about the best way to teach children is to include them .
Make everything we do a family affair .
If we wish our children to eat healthy , finish projects , garden , now how to cook , then we must begin to include them .
for gardening & nature study etc. do your best to provide them with their own tools . Let them learn to look after their own tools and take pride in their own projects .
help them sew a gathering bag for harvesting in the woods , bring along baskets to collect items on nature journeys . Make berry buckets out of old coffee cans . Let them help in the ordering of and starting seeds . Try and find tools which are not made of plastic but child safe .
I am trying here just to list gardening , herbal perhaps healthy eating .As I have already covered much of the nature study , natural history etc. in our homeschool blog .