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Menopause , yeah that

 " Ok I will tell you now, menopause for me was like another puberty for older women ! "
Menopause , first off , what the heck is it ? sheesh well with all the new terms in place now & descriptions for some they say it is just a small window like a yr when you have not had a menstrual cycle for 12 months . then you go in to post menopause . .many list peri-menopause as the time surrounding menopause as that leading up to & after menopause .
some say crooning is only with menopause .
so honestly I am going to share & tell what menopause is for me & what my personal menopause experience has been . & most of all share truths rather than stereotypical media made assumptions .
just a very short note on my peri-meno time .
if you want to know more just ask me .
it began just very shortly after I turned 40 yrs old . my cycle began to change & my pms symptoms came on & would last a full on two weeks . Basically after ovulation I began pms .
I will also say my reproductive body is like that of the women on my father's side not my mother . My mother basically had maybe two hot flashes & her menopause lasted probably one year . yeah I know ridiculous eh .
This was a big change compared to my usual pms time of 3 days before menstruating .
I used wild yam cream & within 3 weeks my cycle went back to normal. I used this for a period of 3 months then stopped . I was good for 3 yrs then it happened again . Again I used wild yam & same thing pms symptoms vanished & my cycle returned to normal.
Ok so that peri was really not that bad . not compared to yes age 45 when my menopause began .
I call this menopause because the cycle changed . what worked for me in peri-menopause did not work for me in menopause . so I know my body . different cycles. childhood, puberty , childbearing fertility years, perimenopause & now  menopause . These were & are different stages for me .
so yes age 45 years . Year of the hot flash !
Walking , sitting , sleeping , eating . No time , place , or inactivity or activity is free from experiencing the flash !
Hence another journey . Trying wild yam again . It is promoted to help once again with this phase . well I can say for me a big NOPE , to wild yam helping with menopause . Nothing what so ever .
So I found books & the most helpful just as her birthing books helped was reading the book by Susun Weed on Menopausal years .
 & several other articles via she & other women .
 my gosh how this helped me !
& isn't it strange how plants that we have not known come to us when needed ?
For me it was Motherwort , yes named after mother yet for me I had many plant allies I had in my motherings years . Motherwort never was one of them . Yet she mothered me in this phase . My god/dess how I needed mothering !
 Ok I will tell you now, menopause for me was like another puberty for older women !
I felt outside of my norm . Where was my body ? gaining weight . I as a small thin person this was tramatic for me putting on 20-25lbs ! I felt sluggish & slow . My diet changed I craved foods I'd never enjoyed nor given second thought to . mostly sweet & salty .
 Ok motherwort , yes she helped me immensely back then . Hot flashes disappeared .
My cycle though I began bleeding every two weeks . Yes ! every two weeks ! sheesh
all you ever hear about menopause is that you stop bleeding . No many women do this bleeding more thing !
 Relief to me connecting with other women at our local goddess festival ! Ha , also the year of the crone Baba Yaga ! I learned I was not the only one !
 So yes I feel the need very much to share & help the women younger than myself who will eventually come upon this stage.
 We have in our  lifestyles all these teachings for our young women changing from girl to woman , ceremony , honouring , gifting , teachings & fasting , red tents , honouring blood & mothering , birth & breast feeding . & yes I do wish to teach & care for younger ones , so many need us older ones to give them comfort . Yet we also need caring . My older body needs just as much love & attention .
 There will be a time & a need for honouring , helping , gifting , caring for the elder woman .
I personally do not have a red tent I have an Indigo tent , a tent of my ancestors , a tent of those Indigo workers , those older wise women . a place to share & give .
So yes My Motherwort ally helped me . Hot flashes gone . then again probably another 3 yrs later they came again . Motherwort worked great . Oh by the way I use tincture or mix the dried plant in with other crone herbs because I cannot stand the taste of motherwort !
Ok that was until this past spring ! I had known , read that some women need rest during menopause . Well what hit me in mid June was sleeping for 3 days in a row & my 4th day would be ok . I honestly thought I had Lymes ! No, then they came , those Flashes , yes they did ! in the heat & worst humidity of summers we have ever had !
I am not kidding when I say this lasted in to mid August . I finally regained my energy levels !
 Yet the flashes no .
Ok I am not talking a few per week as I began my menopause all those yrs ago . No . I am talking 20 per day ! Yes that is correct ! This is not an uncommon thing !
Even entering Autumn & Winter I would be flinging my blankets off . Motherwort tincture helped to some extent but not ridding me of the flashes as it had in earlier yrs.
 I was at a loss what to do. My Vitex wasn't helping . I couldn't take black cohosh as I 've had bad reaction to it before .
 bring me to late November & honouring one of those cravings .
 Huh , the Pomegranate ! Again , this came just via craving . I began eating , just devouring these fruits of my ancestry . I began all sorts of love  with this fruit ! I did ceremony , bathed with it , divined with the seeds .
 & my flashes well they just sort of began to subside . Being me I did not make this connection though . yeah , that is me ahead & yet slow at the same time ha ha
 No that did not happen until a beautiful friend was over & I offered her some of my pomegranate . She told me that they are estrogen producing !
Well my goodness ! So now when I go to research this information . Yes !
 I cannot say how much this is working ! For me !
Again this is my personal experience . Is it because of part of my ancestry , my body hormonally is like my Middle Eastern/Indian side ?   who the heck knows .
All I know is that yet again a calling , a craving has worked . & I am sharing because honestly if I can help another woman not have to go through 3-4 months of 20 some hot flashes per day it is well worth sharing .
 Does pomegranate juice work ? I have no idea because right now I have access to fresh fruit .
 So I am sticking to that . If & when I do need to try juice I will try & find the best raw form I can .
I am not sure if the juicing process changes the structure or not .
So this is me now in my 52 year old body .
 I can't speak or say more because this is all I've got .
 a little on the vaginal dryness , thinning of skin etc.
 Thus far I have found aloe vera , yes weird because I absolutely did not like it on my eczema or dry skin but my vag does like it &  it helps .
Yeasty stuff as always acidophilous & yogurt 
 bladder , well bladder excrecises do work ! But for infection , yes for the first time in my life I did get bladder infection ! cranberry, yarrow & bear berry work !   but also my bladder was out of place ! yes that can happen,  especially with older women & those of us who have given birth ! For me 6 times birthing . So I did exercises to put it in to place again . A good friend told me she went to the chiropractor to have this done & it worked as well .
 I also am doing the yoni steams . I make my own teas . Personally because of my age I have a crone tisane for vaginal steaming . I also added olive oil to my steam because of my age & ancestry etc.
 But I can say all stereotypes & what we just grew up hearing in general was not true in my case .
I wish I had had more sharing , more teachings given to me like with our moon time etc.
So I really want to help younger women be prepared & help women my age & older to learn & care for each other .

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