Thursday, February 12, 2015

Use What Ya Got

this is a write up in response to my midwinter brokedom which comes every single yr at this time .
response to feeling low enough without seeing all the posts out there on facebook & blogs & pods .
 to buy & try every essential oil & exotic herb out there .
I'm not knocking oils or our beautiful teachers from far off places . I myself use essential oils but I've run out of the oil I used since early winter & can't purchase more .
so get this , that oil was spruce . I live in abundance of spruce .
 LOL I was thinking how I bet spruce is an exotic plant to someone in Belize !
what did common people , lay folk use ? In our area for all our ailments . Just like we use cotton rags for bandages I'm going back to remedies my people used here .
& essential oils the distilling aside from making alcohol perhaps, my people did not make essential oils or use them . yes made & used all over the world by many of my cultures but by the common people ? I really doubt it . I personally believe just like the so called book of shadows was an upper elitist class thing so were essential oils . infused in animal fat or nut oils seed oils & tinctures made using local wine  yes .
I always was a person to use the plant first , capsule tea or tincture , bathes  , salves , soups , poultices ...... but like anyone especially online social media I get influenced .
I feel I'm not doing enough . I need to use everything out there & do everything out there .
 in fact if I return to be more focused on my local area & using & conserving what we have here I'm not just helping myself but my grandchildren too !
I don't want them to feel the need to use things from far away across an ocean . that is the whole purpose of unglobalizing , undoing the new world order .
get back to here . use what I got , be the lay folk granny that I am .
& yes of course I'm not that radical but I need balance . do what is right for myself & our family .
I can't afford 5 different types of oils so I can buy a bottle of white flower oil for our chest colds because I certainly can't afford to make my own right now .
make us teas , drink cider vinegar , have herbal baths  etc. even my salves I can't sell right now because I can't afford the oils or containers . but for myself I can do what my gramma did & that is use the animal fat given to me  by friends . use pint glass pickle jars for my own salves & rubs . because really I need to look after us before others .
we may not be able to mail out things right now but I can trade with people right here in all 4 directions !
I look to some of my fav herbalists . while they were knowledgeable of so many plants & remedies  they used what was in their own backyards . Even if they traveled they used the botanical remedies of the local places .
Anyway for now I'm broke so I'm going back to it being simple actually using onions , garlic , & blueberries . cedar, pine & juniper . bearfat , vinegar & honey .

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