Thursday, March 27, 2014

That demon Ecsema

First off I have to say I never tell someone this will cure or work for Your Eczema !
Having suffered from Eczema since early childhood the one true fact I have learned is that every ones skin is unique . So if anyone tells You try this it will work , please do not have false expectation or hope .
So I will be talking about works for myself & my experiences . My beliefs regarding oils, plants, foods etc. from a personal level .If it in someway helps another to have relief through the insanity that would be a big plus !
For me Eczema always has been an autoimmune thing .triggered by such things as allergies , food , animals , chemicals & hormonal changes .I know there is some debate on this but again this is what my body is .
I had Eczema in the very typical childhood spots behind the knees , the inside elbows , sometimes the hands .moisture & heat always have been a big instigator in triggering outbreaks . things that inflame irritate .Clothing .I always have had to wear cotton or nothing when possible . As a child in the 60's & 70's there was not much given to me for remedy .Luckily I spent most summers free of constricting clothing & lots of air & sun .I know I said heat irritates my eczema it depends in what form it comes in . As a child I did learn a trick a fast relief .To run my hands under cold water & since now in adulthood I will grab an ice pack & place on the itch for fast relief .
Eczema is not dry skin ! I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding eczema . Even I was under the impression we should moisten Eczema . While I could place some oils on the rest of my skin there are some I could absolutely not .then there are oils like hemp which make my skin burn any old place .
I totally had it booked marked in The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook but of course I used the bookmark to save a different reading lol . It is in there though the good stuff on why not to place oils on Eczema . 
Okay oils are a big no no .why ? They promote the retention of heat & they block the pores . So while some oils may not give a reaction they all do that same thing just to varying degree .
The best way to treat eczema externally with herbal remedies is via poultices & tea bath .
However also internally we need to look at what is the trigger of the autoimmune in the first place . So diet plays a huge role . cleansing ourselves as much as possible of irritants is a must .
Also again on the topic of hormonal triggers. I have found my eczema to have changed yet again now with menopause . When I entered puberty & motherhood my Eczema changed areas as did my skin somewhat . I literally stopped sweating , I had eczema on the outside of my knees , elbows & on my ankles & my head ! Now with menopause it has returned in the same spots I had in early childhood .
So air , sun , bath teas & very mild oils are what I find best .
I will share what irritates & causes me , myself to have outbreaks .As well some that help .remember this is personal for each one of us .
Remember our skin is our biggest organ so everything is absorbed through it via air , water , oils , plant ,animals etc.
Some food that irritates me are those that tend to cause inflammation anyway acidic foods especially tomatoes , oranges even certain yogurts .coffee & certain nuts .
if I feel my skin is dry & may trigger eczema I might put oil on my skin but actually not on the eczema itself . oils do help our bodies retain moisture . & again this can be a good or bad thing depending on our skin type , dehydration etc. so the oils that I am okay on my body are olive , coconut , grapeseed & almond . on my eczema itself only almond or grapeseed .I absolutely cannot use hemp oil it inflamed my skin right away ! again if I feel dry skin may trigger eczema I drink water , lots 7&lots .flavour it with wild mint or lemon , cucumber if you hate the taste of city water .just drink lots .
okay because I have allergies & skin sensitivities anyway I tend to have reactions anyway which then can also trigger eczema . fun eh .if you really have this You know exactly how it is to suffer not just days but yrs never ending arrgh of yet again that horrid itch .So some herbs I cannot put on my skin at all . comfrey & poplar resin , peppermint, cinnamon oil,
juniper , cedar, sage , wormwood ,mugwort . now I do work with all these plants but rarely would I let them touch my skin .when I pick poplar, cedar & juniper my skin once again turns red & burns .I have had bad side effects from breathing in sage , mugwort & wormwood . so again I'm very careful when I work with them .
Plants that are kind to my skin & are helpers with skin issues & inflammation are spruce, rose, lavender, calendula, plantain, horsetail, sweet grass, arnica, daisy leaf
maybe just a note on items I can & cannot put in the bath baking soda irritates my skin as do those Epsom salts . Yet sea salt works wonders on my skin & eczema .
That is it for now the kid needs supper & this is a never ending topic lol
I do hope if You are as old as I am You too have by now also discovered some relief & also please share what works for You here & with others

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