Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making Tooth Powder Recipe

A few people have asked me what is in my tooth powder & how to make it . I have written about it before 5 yrs ago but thought I'd post again as I have since added a few new ingredients & flavours .People always thought me strange for eating clay etc. so it is nice to see it catching on finally .be it the in thing or not at least it is a healthy choice
I personally collect clay then bake it to make it sterile .I then grind it & strain it 3 times .I then grind whatever herbs I am using with this clay & strain again .
I then add the sea salt , baking soda & powdered golden seal & Echinacea
At first I was adding xylitol for sweetener to the powders because I felt people are so used to sweet commercial pastes. Even the supposed healthy ones are full of sweet .Xylitol is healthy I guess but I have since decided to make it optional. If someone wants it sweetened then I just add it to an individual container . I also chose to make dry powder .This leaves no chance for spoilage but also gives people the option on what liquid to use in their personal brushing .
Some people like to dip & use coconut oil while others use just water .
I personally have some issues with the use of coconut oil use everyday .As many know of & practice oil pulling I do not practice it everyday .I personally feel pulling not only removes possible harmful items from the mouth but also healthy ones too. I would rather have my stains then the removal of healthy bacterias . Again it is choice .
I will say I have always suffered from poor teeth .As an adult I have been to emergency twice with infected teeth .My face the size of a football . As a child I had boils on my gums & constantly having infection .I was not raised on sugar either .My teeth have big grooves & therefore stain very quickly & easily . Also this leads to quicker tooth decay as well.
Personally I can say since using tooth powder I have had not any rotten teeth nor 1 single cavity !
I did have some gum issue but that was my own fault for believing a hard tooth brush was a good thing ! I also learned yrs ago that salt water & golden seal will clear up infected gums right away .
So since I put down my hard brush my loose gums have once again firmed up .
So the recipe this is a large one but basically it is 3 parts clay 2 parts baking soda .
so I make it
 3c clay powdered
2c baking soda
1 T sea salt
2 tsp Golden seal
2 tsp Echinacea
Xylitol 2tsp per 4oz container
You can add any herbs for flavour you wish .I had been doing a whitening powder with lemon peel but frankly it reminded me to much of bathroom cleanser from when I was a child lol
 So I thought well I want one for my kid & other kids a flavour that is not spicy as my kid calls any mint flavour .
So why not berry .I had read many times how strawberry is used as a whitener so I have begun making Strawberry flavour now .
So that is it !
I cannot believe I actually did a blog post .I have been stuck for months , so many ideas in my head but not coming out .
dried strawberries

wintergreen berry

clay , baking soda , sea salt , golden seal & Echinacea

clove & vanilla has real vanilla bean & ground clove , also toothache root ( sweet flag ) this is for sensitive teeth

wintergreen has ground winter green berry , leaf & essential oil .

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