Friday, March 15, 2013

making hand cream

This is a Recipe for creamy smooth hand/body cream . I use the main recipe from
The library usually has this book

waters : 2/3c distilled water ( I use rain water during warmer months, melted snow in winter  )
1/3c aloe vera gel
few drops essential oils
vit A or E oil optional
Oils :
3/4c grape seed , almond or apricot oil
1/3c coconut oil
1/4tsp lanolin
1/2 to 1 once grated beeswax ( I use 1/4c for lotion , 1/2c for a thick cream )
you will also need a blender , a double boiler & clean jars and a wonderful handy tool if you have it is an icing bag .
I have successfully doubled the recipe .
Below are the directions I use

I meassure my oil and I add a bit more than 3/4 c because as you see below

I like to infuse plant material into the oil . I personally believe this gives much better properties than just using essential oils . Plus it shows my customers how much I love plants & time I put into my work .
So for this batch I am infusing organic lavender & wild rose petals .

let your oil & plant materials sit on low for 1-4 hrs in crock pot or sunlight . of course you can skip this step if you just wish to use essential oils .
while this is infusing you can get everything else ready .I also washed the dog while waiting .

combine water , aloe and essential oils in cup or container

In double boiler place your coconut oil , lanolin

and grated beeswax and infused oil from crockpot .
Let them all melt together until beeswax is all liquified .

Pour this hot oil/wax mixture into your blender . Now I have a glass blender .I'm not sure if plastic blenders can handle hot stuff ?
Let this oil mix cool . This is very important . absolutely do not begin blending step until this is cooled ! you may think it will turn hard it does not because of the oils in it .
so while waiting for it to cool you can get

Your jars ready and icing bag if you have one . I found cheap one at the dollar store . a spoon & soatula are handy as well in the canning step.

so you can see how it looks once cooled . its is quite cloudy and white or off white.
Once the oil mix is like this you are ready to blend . I put the lid on but keep that round plastic plug out . turn on blender on high and slowly begin to pour in the cup of water/aloe mix . it will begin to chug and sputter and turn into cream . do not worry to turn it off and scrape sides. I do then turn back on and add rest of water mix. be sure you get all the wax/oil mix scraped off the sides .
once it is creamy and ready you can now scoop into jars or icing bag then squish into jars.
okay a tip about icing bags , they work great for making lip balm too !
so that is it . be warned you will have ooey gooey creamy hands .rub leftovers on yourself .

Oh another tip , news paer for wiping off oil and wax is great . boiling water too but do not do it in your sink as the wax solidifies and pluggs up the sink. so rinse with boiling water outside then wash with soapy water later in sink.
I hope you have as much fun as I do making creams .

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