Tuesday, March 12, 2013

bathing & braiding with Sage

I am attempting to begin blogging once again ! So I thought I'd start with something fun .
I've written before on how much I love our tub and herbal bathing .
Well last spring when I moved out to my Mums place for 6 months away went the tub. Of course I had access to the tub when I'd come in the city to see dh ( remember he is renovating so we can sell our city home )
I did not wish to go without bathing so the solution aside from going in the lake is bathing how my great, grandmother & mother all bathed .As a child when I lived with gramma this is how we'd bath too.
Spot or sponge bathing that is . I had mentioned before about homemade deodorants how with the great change aka menopause how much I began to stink ! There was no way I was not going to bath .
Now I use sage alot for a smudge  and of course have used it in bath tea .Yet it always just used for certain times , for a certain remedy be it spiritual or medicinal.
However I began to use it on a daily basis .I pick sage each summer & early fall. I make smudge sticks but then also just have it dried loose in big paper grocery bags . so below you can see

I have filled a big ole gallon jar. I take a big handful of sage and pour boiling water to the top. Let it steep .I then use this the rest of the week. I fill a basin with warm water then pour in about a cup or so of the sage water . I begin with brushing my hair with the water .Then my upper body and under arms. I'm not going to go heavy on the medicinal or spiritual of sage . Just that it is used for cleansing and is known to be anti bacterial .
Yes I do stink less when I do this !
So the braid , also as I've written before I like my long hair . I have personal strength in my hair . I like to look after it .
As I brush it with sage water maybe I know it is my changing . My growing into my role as granny . as the elder. As the silver grey shines I feel a presence of standing strong.
I began I guess because I'm living at my grandmothers house to think of the women .Those women who were my role models . My teachers. An elderly woman , a grandmother who basically ran the farm we lived on in Oaxaca told me that single women wear two braids & mothers or widows wear one braid. I don't know the why , if there is a story behind the why.
I looked to my Aunt Freda who was a fisher woman in a time when women were not commercial fishers. Her standing strong in her plaid shirt pants & rubber fishing boots. And yes her hair in a braid . My cousin says I remind him of her .So to me wearing a braid shows respect, it also shows I respect myself , who I am growing into.
I like that the braid is 3 in 1 . Like the goddess or the trinity or sisters.
So I have been maiden , mother & now crone .
The three become one in me .
I am happy to be blogging again ♥

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