Saturday, May 19, 2012

Midwifery , Motherwort & Mothers Day

Thought I'd do a quick catchup 
About one month ago I began an online Midiwfery course with wonderful Teacher , Mentor & Midwife Gloria Lemay 
I'd actually enquired about the course for our dd who is hoping to become a midwife herself .
Yet when Gloria invited me to take part I thought why not ! 
I may only attend the births of my grand children but I think I can be example to other young women especially within our Aboriginal community .
Its been awhile since I've taken part in the whole homebirth / midwifery movement , and it was because of the entrance of medical midwives I took a step back because which I've written about before I just do not agree with nor believe in the legalization and certification of midwives here .
Then I began meeting and realizing there are still beautiful traditional lay midwives here . Yes we have medical knowledge and progress in education but this is a calling first not a career . and that is the biggest thing I see as the negative in the whole legalization process. People are thinking they can become a midwife who are clearly not midwives .
So I am enjoying Gloria's course immensely . It is a connection to old and new people . A reminder of my beautiful journey being homebirthing Mum & granny .
This spring and summer have been a beautiful awakening for me to return to the country and enjoy the simple pleasures .
I realized Mother Earth is my altar . I need not build a shrine or sacred space because the forest the lake , the sky it is all one beautiful altar .
Indigo & I signed up for a wild edible course with Laura Reeves  .  Indigo just thrives in this learning environment and as Mother it just affirms for me we are on the right path .
I grow in spirit when my children do ☺
The area of the province is very different than where we live , it reminded me of the bush around prairie farms and my childhood . 
Laura asked us during the beginning of the class to each go off on our own and sit for 15-20 min and get to know one plant .
I walked off  into a shadey area with little patches of sunlight peeking through .
There was nettle and new thistle popping up but there was one plant I did not know the name . I chose her . I traced a leaf and tried to draw free hand . 
description a lobed fuzzy leaf .
Later when we gathered round to discuss and begin picking , Laura identified the plant I'd chosen as Motherwort ! 
How cool is that , I have used Motherwort for my peri menopause but never grown it . This was a beautiful affirmation that this plant chose me as much as I chose it and again I'm on the right path .
It did not even dawn on me how connected all this great life is .The next day was Mothers day ! 
We were tired from our course but not much time for rest because off we had to go to plant the 700 trees we'd received from the Trees for Tomorrow .
It was a wonderful way to spend Mothers day with Family .
dd came out and I took the boys to the lake while others planted . 
I got to be Mum & granny so it was just perfect .
We are spending most of our days out at my Mums again now , planting gardens on our land and at the cottage . 
Indigo is thriving picking morels and building a smokehouse 
adventure boy is riding bike everyday , his hair is growing and he is wanting to swim in the lake which is still extremely cold lol 
so our family is well on the mend from the past yr of illness . 
Lots of Love til next time 

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