Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Earth Day Everyday ~ Week 4

Earthday Everyday ~ Week 4

Week 4 of Earthday Everyday has a focus on helping to sustain our Forests !
Whew an easy week for me lol after that band aid issue wracking my brain it will be nice to have something I know to focus on .
Polly over at Pagan by Design has asked us to look at ways in which we can help preserve our old growth forests and natural eco systems which exist and may be in threat of harm .
I wrote not to long ago about sustainable wildcrafting and our worry for the over use & abuse of the forest in our area .
Also I have many books listed on the forest and trees . It is like anything learn about your local area . start from home because that is how one can help the global situation is start at home . Look after the trees on your street , in your yard etc. help with local tree planting in the local parks .
As we drove downtown the other day we saw a sad sad little tree in the center medium of the road .
My ds11 & I looked at the trees round the vast concrete shopping mall and saw other small trees struggling .
It is sad because people plant trees here believing they are being good to the tree , that they are adding nature back to the city .
You look at the trees and if you truly feel and know them .They are tortured . They are not healthy . They are dying slowly and painfully .
People always assume trees have deep roots so they get water and nutrients from down under . Well much of the moisture the tree needs comes from up top in order to get down below it has to drain down into the soil . The huge amounts of parking lots and roadways block that from happening and rain water and snow melt are diverted to sewer drains .
Then there is air pollution . People in our city are stupid when it comes to air pollution .They just don't believe we have it .
We do , we live in the downtown every morning at about 7:30am if we open our door especially on a cloudy day the exhaust fumes are horrid .
Never mind in winter time the trees get all the crap the city throws down on the roads , sand & salt .
People kill trees that is the fact . So honestly I'm not sure it is so nice to plant a tree in the city unless it somehow has a good amount of green space and is in a low traffic area .
I called in to a talk show about 8 yrs ago to suggest adding tolls to the downtown area . to limit traffic and mentioned the air pollution .
I was basically told I was crazy that Winnipeg did not have this problem .
Traffic has doubled in the last 10 yrs !
I tried to say how many countries such as Germany do not allow any traffic within city centers at all. How many cities including within the USA even have added tolls .
Why should the poorest people of the city suffer environmental trauma each and every day because everyone else chooses to drive through the area ? if we could collect tolls the money could go to built up the neighbourhood to have markets , gardens , parks , nature groups for children etc. money could go to make eco friendly homes etc.
okay maybe I'm straying a bit here .
Back to the forest . everything has its purpose . the moss on the floor of the forest helps retain moisture . Insects pollinate , there are vast systems from the aspen forest to the cedar bog .
We try and walk softly on our land . We know it , we want to come to be in full union , knowing each area and the area as whole .
When we pick we know when to harvest , we know not to take and remove to much . We watch how certain species are doing .
This yr. we are planning to pick up close to one thousand trees to plant on our property where the previous owner logged .
We are adding Cedar , both Black & White Spruce plus two varieties of Pine .
We love the Boreal forest in all the seasons . It is our true home . Even in our travels to MX over the yrs. our fav areas to visit are the Forests . We were very sad to see the destruction there of the Pine forest , mostly do to the selling of land for tourists to build cottages . This is the Pine forest where the Monarch butterfly visits each yr to over winter .
Forests protect huge amounts of wildlife and it is strange that often people end up damaging the area in which they were trying to enter in order to sit and enjoy for their personal enlightenment getting close to nature . Kinda weird eh .
Anyway we are trying to do our part , when we build to use what we have , try not to destroy but rather sustain . Our children feel good about this , they look forward to helping rather then taking .
I see this as a gift for future generations . Our grandson loves to walk softly in the woods with his granny , taking it all in ☺
We can hardly wait til the wild violets are in bloom and then the rose petals follow ! yummy delights .


Polly said...

Once again, I LOVE your thoughtful post, as well as your photos! Very nice!

I know what you mean about the little saplings planted in cities and around parking areas, apartment complexes, etc. They are put there NOT for the benefit of the trees or the environment, but "to make the place look well-landscaped". Often, when and if those trees survive and mature to a size that is larger than "visually acceptable" for the area, they are "removed" (essentially killed) and replaced with small saplings once more to live sickly and neglected.

WiseWoman said...

Hi Rox, wanted to get in touch because I'm starting a new Midwifery 101 Course online on Apr 19 and I want you in it. Also, wanted to see if you would like to be connected to some First Nations women that I am in touch with now---making films on birth, etc. Gloria Lemay in Vancouver, email me at birth(at)uniserve.com

rox said...

Thank You Polly !

Oh my Gloria I am honoured You'd like me in the course !
I will email You ☺