Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Day Everyday ~ Week 3

I am a week off with the project . However the topic has been on my mind I just did not have the time to sit down & write .
As a continuation of the last week I tried to focus on product which comes from the petroleum industry and also the whole issue of transportation ,which I have previously written about .
Like Polly over at Pagan by Design I too am shocked at all the little everyday items which are petroleum based .
Last week while out with the kids both ds11 and I were in need of a tiny little product we all have become dependent on .
The band aid ! Yep that tiny little strip of adhesive which we use to cover the booboo .
It made me rethink how just within generations this product came into use. Even as a child I can remember my Mum using a cloth made from a ripped up sheet for a band aid . More often than not we'd just clean the cut and let air dry . Sometimes a cream might be added . So how can I make band aids without using tape is my question .
I'm thinking I could also just as Mum did cut up little strips of cloth and sterilize them then lock them in a sealed bag or container of some kind . a plastic container or bag though ? maybe a jar ?
what about how to fasten a cloth bandaid ? tie it , pin it perhaps ? there was medical tape Mum used but I'm not sure if that does not also include oil based product .
What about an antibiotic cream ? again make my own ? use a natural gentle oil with beeswax ? use herbs that are healing such as comfrey ? what fights that type of bacterial infection ? salt ? echinecia ?
Can You see what replacing just a tiny little thing like a band aid entails ?! what on earth is it going to be like when society as a whole is going to have to deal with replacing or going without thousands of these conveniences ?
The issue which I said I wrote on previously last yr.  after attending the viewing of The Age of Stupid  that of transportation .
I am car dependent ! I'm awful actually . How quick I fell into this poor unhealthy habit .
It is so easy to take on that habit of convience yet oh so difficult to rid oneself of it .
I began driving more & more the yr. I took on our grandson for daytime childcare when he was about 8months . All the walking I did in the area with our two boys quickly left us . I just found it so much easier to place the little fellow in a car seat then try and carry him or put him in a stroller especially during winter months . I had him for close to 3 yrs .3 yrs. of making a habit . I no longer walked to the library , bakeshop , grocery etc.
I gained weight too ! Now I know some of it was due to aging and quitting smoking but much of the cause was that of inactivity !
Summer months I am much better , we leave the city for longer periods and then we do walk or bike most of the time .
When we move this will also be the case .However I've really made it an effort not to drive in the city unless it is long distance . Returning to walking when we can and most of all making the time . Not to rush , plan fewer events in a day so I can opt to walk instead of drive .
So that is it for now , I've still got to do catch up for week 4 yet .

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Polly said...

Love your post! Yes, it is really baffling to consider how many products we use that are made from oil!

Hmm, now I'll have to look and see if I can find ways people make their own bandages and keep them on. We don't go through many Bandaids here, so that one hadn't occurred to me, but you're right!

Transportation. Ugh, that's another. I haven't owned a car for a couple of years (financial reasons and such) but my husband drives all over the lower part of the state all day fixing people's computers - then when he gets home he will make 3 separate trips "out" for video games, dinner, or whatever rather than consolidate. Tough one to tackle.

Thank you for your thoughtful post!