Monday, April 2, 2012

Dealing with (childhood ) Illness

People may have noticed I haven't been writing as often as I used to , life happens , things come up and our focus at times requires us to step back and deal with family issues.
Well one of those issues we've been dealing with lately has been that of a sick child .
This post isn't about some type of miraculous cure . Nope it is similar to my post awhile back on Healthy People get Sick too
Because the main thing I've had to accept yet once again is there are just some things in life in which we have absolutely no control over . Other than how we respond to illness .
As parents of 6 children I've often said how blessed we feel that we have not had to deal with any issues of life threatening illnesses . It does not mean we've not had to deal with difficult hard health issues . Several of us have asthma but not to a dangerous degree. We've had a child hospitalized and on heavy meds but again it was not going to be a lifetime issue . Even when our 3rd ds had his seizure we discovered it was not caused by epilepsy . 
Then bam our youngest , ds11 is ill. Since Autumn he had become increasingly worse and worse .
He began having low energy and complaining of sore legs . We thought it was somehow dietary and I began trying to add different veggies etc. to his diet . Then we thought perhaps lack of omega 3 etc. so I tried adding more to his diet . Well then his hair began falling out . Most if not all info online assured us this was not Cancer ! We thought iron deficiency . So again I began adding iron rich foods , juices etc. to his diet . Nope .
I can say as a parent the guilt sets in , we want to be able to help our child , to fix all that harms them .That includes illness. I felt a failure . 
I felt isolated and alone . 
I can honestly say when illness comes to a family is when we truly discover true friends and family .
People were mean and shunned us , leaving us feeling less than as parents . Either cutting us out altogether from including us in activities or telling us what we were probably doing wrong !
It is strange but I now know from others with sick children this happens . 
On the other hand  as I say we discover who truly is there for support !
People help by dropping in , making a meal , driving and inviting us out .
What I also discovered within myself is to accept help ! I need not be all alone in this journey .
As some now I do have issue with trust in regards to parenting help from my Mother . This is valid in some areas due to our history of family abuse .
Yet I had not realized how blocked I was in my relationship with her .
My Mum is an excellent nurse .She always has been . She in fact probably should've had she been born in a different era continued on to be a community family Dr.
 Well it was my Mother as in other times as well called our ds11 illness out . We went to a pedi dr. and he like me thought our ds had an iron deficiency . This dr. knows kids , yet when the blood work came back , nope .Turned out it was a low thyroid !
So our ds began the medication .
We began the reading of the complicated system of the thyroid . I was assured by someone who is of a very healthy lifestyle that she has not found a natural treatment as of yet . So even natural holistic folk take this type of med .
Well within 2 weeks ds energy level went up . His joy came back in his face . People noticed and can't believe the change .
Whew relief !
Then 5 weeks into the meds bam !
We woke up to what we believed to be pink eye .
Yet within 3 days all normal treatments from salt water , chamomile tea and even the eye drops no improvement . Plus no one else developed pinkeye ! Now I know I'm as clean as I can be but that pinkeye is so contagious we for certain would have felt it come on to yet another person .
So off to the pediatrician yet again . Nope not pink eye nor allergy .
Off to the eye hospital.
Where a very wonderful dr. informed us it is not really his eyes it is something attacking his eyes . Probably not the thyroid either . This is an autoimmune issue , not for certain without tests but more then likely childhood rheumatoid arthritis .
So we are now to be in touch with a dr. of childhood autoimmune diseases .
That is where we are at right now !
I'm tired and drained but most of all I'm not worried .
Why because worry in itself will drain you and I have no control over what his little body is doing !
I can however realize all my blogging , all my fretting over getting laundry done , none of it matters as much as surrounding our children with love , eating strawberries together .
Giggling , driving out of the city , running with dogs , cuddles and reading books .
So that is where I'm at right now .
I've no idea how sick or what illness our child is or has as of yet .This is life , deal with it as it comes , time is so very precious .I honestly don't care if I'm a shaman or a pagan or a catholic or who is cool or who is not .
None of that stuff matters , when really just living is enough ☺

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Melodie said...

OH Rox,I am so sorry! I hope you find the answers you need soon. I have had hashimotos autoimmune thyroiditis for 15 years..I do understand some of what you are going through.Some things I have found that may or may not be of help to you and your son is that Gluten intolerance is linked to almost all autoimmune diseases..I have found this personally to be true in causing me to have flare ups. Also I take armor thyroid.It is not synthetic. You will have to find a compounding pharmacy ..I do not know if you have those in Canada. It is way better.I was on the synthetic for years and only got worse then when I switched to armour I got my life back! Here most Dr.s are not very helpful to patients with thyroid problems,it is not their fault as they are not taught well about it in med school any more.Oh and Iodine! Iodine is so very good when you have thyroid problems! I am praying for you all to find the answers you need !