Thursday, March 15, 2012

Earth Day Everyday ~ Week 2

Oh I'm terrible at promoting ! Here it will soon be week 3 and I'm just getting to week 2 of Earth Day Everyday .
Pathetic soul that I am I'm trying to do it anyway ☺
Week Two is a focus on our dependency on oil .
This week we were asked
" See if you and your family can list at least 10 different things in your household (or within its construction) that do NOT have parts, sealants, or any other materials in them made from oil. "

Those who read my blog know I've written about this issue before . I've often been shocked at how unearth friendly the pagan community is considering so many claim to be earth worshipping .
Books and websites promote the use of petroleum based products such as candles , fabric , jewelry , statues , making cosmetics using petroleum jelly etc.
I watched a great show a year or so ago about a family , I believe they were either in Denmark or Sweden who chose to live a year without anything petroleum based . They did use public bus instead of car which did use fossil fuels but that was it . They even began using oars to row their boat to reach their cottage instead of a boat motor .
The husband was determined he got rid of all plastic items , cups you name it . later he said he shouldn't have gone that extreme because in fact it added to the landfill most of the items he threw out . that was indeed the purpose of plastic when it first hit the market .It was used so things would last not to use as a instant throw out .
So 10 items in our home without any of these articles made from petroleum based products ?
so far in my sight I see
1. birchbark container for ds sweatlodge blanket
2. antique chair wooden , leather seat with tacks
3. old quilt ticking from my gramma's old cot I'm using to make an overhead cover for the swing
4. antique waffle iron , cast iron with wooden handle
5. my Inuit wool felt wall hanging with seal skin and carved bone  hanger
6. willow basket that holds reading books
7. raw 100yo hardwood floors which dh wants to refinish using natural oil

So far that is it not even 10 !
here is the list of things that have petroleum in them
I will see if I can find the doc. I mentioned and post a link or something if I do find it .
Thanks again to Polly for starting this project

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Polly said...

Excellent! You've done much better than me for this week. I have to say that I am just totally overwhelmed at HOW MUCH we depend on oil - even if things aren't "made of" oil, they often require oil to package them, transport them, make them work and so on. WOW.

Great post!