Wednesday, March 28, 2012

balm of gilead ~ poplar cream

This past weekend I picked the poplar buds out on our property .
I've been wanting to make the salve that is used for healing that my Mum makes .
Wow do those buds stink !
I also want to try doing it with spruce gum as well .
So I found the typical balm of gilead recipe online
However because I really wanted to use this for my eczema and salves tend to irritate more than creams . although most of the ingredients are the same .
So I found a video online on how to make creams . There are a ton of great Youtube videos on how to make lotions & creams .
I'll have the video at the end of this post so you can check it out ☺

So I brought the buds home and chucked them in the slow cooker and let steep for many hrs .
I then took the oil off the buds and placed in double boiler with beeswax

I made 1c of chamomile tea and let cool I also added 1 T aloe vera gel to this
now I think this may have made my cream more like a lotion adding the aloe vera but I don't care it turned out silky smooth .

I then poured the wax/oil mixture into a cup to let cool

once it was cooled I added it to a mixing bowl . now having one of those braun whizzy things like in the video would be nice because my hand got sore from whisking .

So dumped the oil into the mixing bowl &  I whisked it while slowly adding the liquid chamomile aloe in .
I have some in a pint jar in the fridge and a small jar in the bathroom for daily use on my eczema .
below is the video I used as a guide

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