Thursday, February 9, 2012

Body Odor ~ Oh Yeah

Yep , it happened .
I stink ! something horrid too . similar like cat urine or at times even skunky .
I have been struggling with this issue since the onset of Menopause .
Not peri , but yes that dreaded meno .
I began having night and day hot sweats . I gained weight .
With all that , came , you guessed it sweat .
Not just sweet scented summertime sweat . Nope horrid stinky to much bacteria sweat .
I am not an anti sweat person nor am I an anti body odor person .
When my dh comes in from all his hard hot work I love his scent . When he worked out of town for long periods I did what many women do , save his shirt so I could sleep with it at night or when feeling low sit quietly on my bed and take in a nice long whiff
One of our boys has a stinky sweat problem but unlike me the chlorophyll tabs seem to have helped .
I am a person who barely ever sweat , I loved the heat , I spend hr upon hr in the rays of the sun raising children , tending gardens , picking berries. Longing for MX .
Then the age of 45 set in . I tried my salt stick which had always worked and nothing . I also now have to wash my pits each and every morning !
By the days end I stink something awful .
Then it happened !

The Lemon !
Blissful sunshiney lemon .
All it takes is the gentle squish to release some juice and then rub under my arm pits .
Stink gone !
yes it does mildly sting . I find blowing gently just a few seconds cools it and I'm fine .
There are a ton of self made deodorants out there that look great . However I am so happy with this I take up a fresh lemon half to the bathroom , I can leave it for up to 5 days it is fine it naturally seals and dries out on top .
So I wash , lightly pat dry and apply my lemon juice by rubbing the lemon half on the armpit .
So dh says I need ingest more vinegar . He is right of course . blah .
so I'm determined to eat 1-2 T of cider vinegar each day to try and get this bacteria down within my body .
However even so the lemon is working and great .
A lady had told me yrs ago about lime and I dismissed her . Yet it makes sense lime kills bacteria too . We would use it to treat water in MX all the time .
So for now this is it for me .
I'm not sure if it would bleach the underarm of a shirt perhaps ? I never have bothered to check being mostly a plaid shirt gal my fashion sense does not call for unstained clothing . However some women work in the office place like our dd25 so further investigation would be a benefit .
Here is a recipe for some natural deodorant using baking soda, oil and cornstarch . It is warned that the oil can stain clothing .
anyway that is about it for now but from one stinkaholic to another ( come on I know I'm not the only one . right ? ) the lemon is doing the trick ! come nightfall no stinky what so ever .
Oh and just a tip . Do not , I repeat do not place juice on freshly shaved pits nor if you have been scratching !

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