Saturday, February 4, 2012

And we have Ginger Beer !

Yes we do Lol !
I posted for our plans to celebrate Imbolc that I was going to attempt making ginger beer
I did not want to list the recipes for items until we'd actually given them a go .
Well they all worked out wonderfully especially the gingerbeer .
Now as I mentioned this is not the fermented kind which my sil makes from the Wild Fermentation Book not everyone is like she and her brother my dh .He loves vinegar hence me making cider vinegar in Autumn .Nope I maybe can handle a mild rice vinegar that is it .
Gingerbeer to me is like a sweet bubbly drink .
My Mum said her Mum always made ginegr beer and kept it in a big hige crock in the celler . It was non alcoholic and not fermented as my grandparents abstained from alcohol .

So when looking for recipes and crafts for Imbolc in my Irish Festivals Book what did I see ? !
Yes a recipe for Ginger Beer ! How on earth did I miss this ! I've had th book for many yrs and never saw the recipe til now !
So I tried it and it worked !
My ds24 said it was a bit to yeasty so I might cut back the yeast . Then dh said no just switch bread yeast for brwers yeast .However I doubt my Gramma had brewers yeast she would've just had bakers yeast I'm sure .
So here is the recipe
ST.Brigid's Day Ginger Beer
1 handful of ginger root
1lb sugar or 2 1/2c sugar
5 litres water
1/2 T bread yeast
2 lemons
1/4 T cream of tartar

slice or grate ginger root , also grate lemon peel and juice lemons .

add to a large bowl with sugar and cream of tartar

Boil the water and pour into bowl disolving sugar . Cool until hand hot .
Meanwhile sprikle yeast and 1/2 tsp sugar into 1/2c lukewarm water and let sit 10-15min
then stir and add into bowl mixture .

Cover the bowl with a cloth and let sit 24 hrs .

Then syphen or strain liquid from bowl into bottles . I ended up getting some of the ginger strips in the bottle but it actually looks nice when floating in the cup later on .
Bottle and store in a dark cool place for 2-3 days .
Then it is ready to serve !

Warning , open it up over the sink the very first time Lol .It does fizz like mad .
So there it is easy breezy You can do it too .
I think this would be really nice in summer months as my Mum remembers it . Served with a sprig of wild mint to chew on .


Alesia said...

this is a type of mild fermentation just not much of one i use a very similiar recipe to make mead except its a 2 to 1 mix of honey to water and flavoring to taste a pack of dry active bread yeast and u let it ferment for much longer very nice recipe though will have to give it a try for the summer how long will it last?

rox said...

I'm not sure Alesia how long it lasts it does not say in the recipe . My sil recipe takes quite awhile to make as she adds more and more stuff to it to keep growing . I would love to try it with honey but we ran out !
have you ever made rootbeer ? my ds wants to try that next I think it is simil;ar to birch beer which I've never had ?

Alesia said...

i havent tried root beer but would love to try i really do like making wine and mead would love to branch out in to beer and soda they are sposed to be more complicated as they are carbonated would love to find out more about making soda its sposed to be fun