Monday, January 9, 2012

In Hopes of Soap ☺Making Lard

Pork Fat

Yes , I have hope !
This was all spurred on and inspired by Melodie's soap giveaway post over on her blog

I had stored pork fat in my freezer since early Autumn .My sil and I planned to make lard then soap.
We'd read it is best to do the lard making in cold months as one needs to have the stove on all day and in summer months that can get very warm .
Of course this also was a very good excuse to procrastinate even more . with birthdays &winter holidays more excuses came . with time going by it also leads to lack of confidence , doubt that one could actually do this .
Well Melodie is one who does farmy type things all the time .
Yet what Melodie is far more than that , she shares and in a way that leaves one feeling "hey , I'm going to try that too !"
There are many blogs especially in the homeschool world with blogs by women who do it all. Often more often than not one is left that we don't do enough , and even worse these women some how always do it right .
Not Melodie !
I have great faith that dh & I can try farming . for me being a wild woman organized farming terrifies me !
just as I've written I'm a wild gardener I suspect I'm a wild farmer too lol
Melodie helps me feel and have hope it is okay to try and get this most of the time it probably will work out ☺
So my latest attempt was to get out that lard and go for it  .
I looked up a few recipes for rendering lard . The first book I read was in Carla Emery's book
and then a few websites  
I found I liked the wet method best for the pan I liked the best . 
I also found I like oven much better than stove top but I think two reasons factor into that outcome . @1 my fav pan is long and rectangular so best fits in the oven #2 the pot I used on the stove top was aluminum and the rind, meat stuck to the bottom of the pan . 
So I hauled the pork fat out of the freezer I then cut it up. Now another thing I found was I cut the pieces to big . I don't think I would do the grinder thing either as it would then make so many little floaty bits .My pieces were okay but hard to get hard good cracklings from .They have however made excellent treats for the birds & the dogs !

This is the pan I like the most . It is a heavy metal rectangular pan with high sides I found at the MCC thrift. It is usually used for canning . If you have access to a rural farm area try and visit any local thrift stores as this is where and how you can acquire such items .
I also used the dutch oven but I think I need not have added water to this batch as it cooked much slower then the pan .it was good though the heavier pots seem to have less problems with sticking .
It took a good few hrs of slow cooking for the water to evaporate and the fat to begin melting

I then would drain off the fat from the pans as it melted about every 1/2 hr after the initial heating of the fat and pan .Once a pan was full  & at room temp. I placed it in the fridge to get solid

I made 4 bread loaf & 2 cake pans full of lard .
what I would like tips on is . when it comes to storage . what to do. It was a bit messy taking it out of the pans .I think next time I might not scoop it out but try and cut it out and wrap in parchment paper . or line pans with parchment ? I need to have my pans for others use so I can't store the lard in them . So I scooped it into containers and bags .
So that is it !
There is hope for soap I think ☺

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Melodie said...

Thank you for the kind words,I am truly blushing right now! You have always inspired me to greater explore my interest in nature and in my spiritual growth.
I saw on a gals blog the other day that she had stored her lard in canning jars. I am so thrilled your lard turned out so well,it is pretty isn't it! I can't wait to see your soap!