Monday, January 23, 2012


I am really into ethnobotany right now , okay well there isn't a time when I' m really not into ethnobotany lol , however I do love other areas of natural science of course natural history and ethnobotany seems to be a predominant topic .
Ethnobotany is basically the relationship between people and plants , ethno being people race culture , botany being the study of plant or plant science .
I guess I tend to really enjoy the study of relationship don't I ;-)

So this week look what my dear friend Mary sent me ☺ she said this woman is a mirror image of me and I should not belittle what I do ;-)
I love my friend Mary she is always , always an inspiration and never uses the word can't with me lol
she is a big gentle energy ball of encouragement
so yes she found this Dvd which you can actually watch online for free if you have media player . my computer has messed up and I don't . However my library has this Dvd !!
I do hope it came in today
Below are some books I really enjoy and a few I have yet to read . sorry I have no links right now I just do not have time to look them all up but I think you can make out the titles quite clearly from the pics .

I really really like the books by this fellow ! some of them are extremely pricey but I am blessed my library has them all !

Again as with most things I am really much into local . what has been given here rather than using fossil fuels to import items from round the world .

Even if your library does not have many plant or animal , bird guides , thy should always have the guides for local botany and such . If they don't then request them over and over again . people should learn the local plants for healing , spiritual , and also to identify poisonous plants as well .yrs ago our 2nd ds ate mushrooms from the woods after a lady took us in the woods mushroom picking . ds and his little friend went off to pick on their own ! he was only 5yo at the time .
we'd no idea what he'd eaten . the hospital was at a loss . He had bad dreams all night 1 I'm not sure if it was brought on by the mushrooms or the stress from the whole ordeal .
Now we know about mushrooms !

However I think you are either a mushroom person or you are not . ds16 knows mushrooms he picks all the time , he grows his own mushroom . I just know not to eat any ! lol I do know a few very common ones so if lost in the wild I could pick .
This book was a bit expensive but well worth it . ds has a mushroom guide it is like his bible but I do not know the name of it . If you are really interested in it I would b happy to get the name for you

This is a book I have yet to read and so looking forward to it

As I've written before I am just so very curious of how Indigenous peoples gathered and worked with plants . My mother is where I get this from I think she and my sister both studied anthropology for yrs . She was saying how so much we have learned and focused on the hunting aspect of the hunter gatherers not the gathering . Lol I am a gatherer !
I love to learn how people found , collect , store and prepare all these plants be it for food , medical or spiritual it just intrigues me to no end

Again Daniel Moerman 's books are just such a wonderful source of information

I had thought this book might be to new agey or way out there for me . I tend to only like really historically factual based books when it comes to most subjects I am very traditional and want the root source , to know the how and why peoples came to the conclusions they did .
This book is not bad I've re-ordered it from the library as it has been many yrs since I last read it .
Later I am off to find more Ethnobotany info for children ☺

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Illustrated Ink said...

Awesome, Rox - thank you for sharing all these great books! I am particularly interested in mushrooms, I've always wanted to know them well enough to be able to pluck them right from the ground.