Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Northern Indigenous gardening/farming

I am really getting excited about all the wonderful projects that lie ahead for us in the coming yr.
The more I look into Aboriginal /Native American gardening & farming the more I know this is the way I want to go.
I want to learn all I can of harvesting growing within our natural environment .
I want to give back and learn and share with others in our community projects  .
so far I am looking at some seed catalogs & planning to attend the growing local food conference
and next year in 2012 we are not missing the Wild Food Summit and our own
 local Harvest Moon Festival ! We are saving now ☺
We are in zone 4 so I need to look into what really is hardy and will grow well within our growing season .
I already know that dh dream of bee keeping is a go because there are bee keepers as far north as Thompson MB.
I really feel the great need for First Nations people to become self sustaining once again and this is beginning  to be taking place in some areas ☺

I'm also thrilled to be finding new books !
These two shown we have and are really great !
Buffalo Bird Woman's accounts of gardening are astounding .
This book talks also about food storage & preparation too .
I have a new love of the Sunflower and for certain will make it a major crop .

All of Michael Caduto's books are just awesome ! I'm going to really plan well ahead for work projects for the kids next year .


Melodie said...

I am looking forward to seeing the things you discover about native gardening! Those look like good books you found. I would surely have you over for a big plate of fried green tomatoes!

Bird said...

Hi Rox,
I'm so happy you found my blog because it led me to your awesome blogs. I'm so going to LOVE reading your articles. :-)

Bright blessings,

Illustrated Ink said...

Hi Rox! Fantastic, I can't wait to see your food adventures! I'm going to have to live vicariously through your natural gardening, as our new backyard is quite small. Maybe I can have a small, raised garden bed!

Yes, let's talk about your metal pieces after the Holidays! :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving! xx