Monday, November 14, 2011

forever the wild gardener

So it is November and I've been dreaming of my next years garden since October , how bout you ☺
I can hardly wait til  seed catalogues come out again !
I have to say this post was first in response to a mean remark given me .
"it's to bad you don't like to garden "
it hurt , and it was I now know done out of envy and it did come from a bully anyway but it still hurt non the less.
I think it hurt more so this yr. than most because I could not have my garden with our renos & disruptions and all .
I mean it was strange coming from this person who I know very well and she knows me. I know she in fact had to grow into gardening it wasn't a part of whom she was but it is now and isn't that a good thing . yet for some reason she envies my natural ability perhaps .I've already admitted I'm not an average gardener I am pretty much a flop at growing veggies but I try don't I.
I guess what hurt is I've always been a gardener , a wild Gardener that is ☺
since an early age I loved working in the soil helping my grandmother plant her flower beds and build her fish pond .
as a child one of the only good things my abusive father taught me was how to tend the garden .He entered shows and was really into the how toos of growing award winning  roses . when I was 9 yrs I also made another fish pond from digging it to pouring the concrete to collecting the wild lilies for in it .
when I was sent to the horrid city to live at 14 yrs one of the only things that kept me going was digging & planting the garden in the group home I lived in .
I realize the garden this person was referring to is the type of garden she grows .
Is it not a tad narrow to assume when we speak of the garden we only have one view ,one image .
I'm not really shocked that veggie gardening isn't my best type of gardening as I've always found my nourihment in the spiritual & the wild more so then the tame . what can one expect from someone who had her two peas for dinner as my Gramma used to say ☺
I also realized yes that most of my gardening  like to harvest for nourishment comes from the forest or my herbal teas etc. However I do have a dh who loves growing veggies !
we all have gardens , don't we that which we tend to , that which we care for and help nurture and grow .gardens providing harvests .I love eating a wild violet or rose petal just as much as picking a tame cucumber . I've been reading more about Indigenous gardening & Zero Tillage farming .I think these are th types of farming really speaks to me .
I've been inspired by Emily Dickinson lately and her Herbarium
so on that note I've been so inspired taking focus off of bullies and looking to positive reinforcements ☺
I am going to begin the plant Allie work I'd planned to do ages ago .so shall post about that soon enough .
anyway I went through some of our old photos and am sharing with you .
I'm not so much angry anymore for those who are not abusive to me know me for who I am and my life all round me is proof enough of who I am my fruits my labours and my harvests all are here surrounding me ☺

Rox helping Gramma Grace build her fish pond ,the fish pond is the old cement casing from the boiler in the basement of the log house that burnt down .my Gramma turned the old foundation etc. into lovely gardens .after Gramma got Parkinson's she could no longer garden .this is all grown in now with a huge birch growing there but Gramma's day lilies still pop up round this spot .

these friends who visit are so dear to us

children should always be a part of tending the garden

my little chica would follow me round my wild flower garden

one summer my garden was a field of daisies !

we use items from our forest garden for toys too

decorating , play & even math


I like to hang things lemon balm is lovely to hang

Like my Gramma I continue to be inspired by wonderful gardeners of all kinds like Tasha Tudor

Susun Weed

looking for spear grass

I may not have had my garden in the city but I did my best to plant a small flower herbal garden and it lushed right up too




this granny loves mixing potions with her grandson ☺

this was our fairy day celebration activity .he picked flowers and grasses etc.

almost ready

granny made a lemon wild rose pie


Joe & Bonkle love being in the garden
gardening connects us with our ancestors too

my mother & her brother in their family garden

I love using old things within the garden like broken plates etc.

making fairy houses

when we bought the house 18 yrs ago I was thrilled to have a sunroom to grow plants & start seedlings in . Well we really need a greenhouse as my sunroom is no longer big enough for all the seedlings

My dh is really good at showing the kids traditional gardening techniques



my garden doth grow

old mailboxes make wonderful plant pots

Sharon is my magic cat ☺

a garden reflects who we are

I love spotting hidden plants , this Shamrock came up in 3 unexpected spots !

everyone is welcome to explore

we are very much an all season gardening family

wild picking is what we do

he grew it !

harvest time

rox in tree ☺

wild strawberry

grape leaves

mushrooms and rose hips from the autumn garden

I brought plants from my ex's garden after he passed away .I discovered a new plant deadly night shade

Yes forever the wild gardener I shall be

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