Friday, October 28, 2011

Conception as a Prayer for Peace

I found this prayer by Jeannine Parvati Baker one of my most beloved inspirations .
I thought it is a nice prayer as a prelude to Blogblast to Peace

Conception as a Prayer for Peace
Differences as to the needs of a particular culture are also involved. It would seem that besides the need for attention and awareness, our culture poised as it is so close to the edge of its own destruction, would want to include in its conception rituals a prayer that the seeds that are being sown shall grow into beings who will bring lasting peace to this planet and universe  Of course this prayer will be more easily answered as we parents become perfect examples for our children by living Christ-like lives from the act of conception onwards. May our heavenly parents grant us the strength, compassion and wisdom to so live our lives each moment for time and eternity .
Jeannine Parvati Baker

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nov. 4th Blog Blast for Peace !!

Yes , it is that time of year again !
to get out your creative talent and create your very own Peace Globe !
of course we blog in our everyday daily lives foe peace but this is a
Time to join others to blog together on one day to wave our peace globes together for Peace !
You can go here to the official website to find out more about blogblast for Peace and register your blog . 
Hope you take part and I look forward to reading all the wonderful Peace Blog posts that day Nov.4th !!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

forgot the snakes !

Yes I totally forgot to say we have several snake dens on our land !
which ds15 Wiseowl is thrilled about of course .
we've found them in 3 locations now .
also several dead ones as I'm sure the hawks , ravens etc. love finding them for a tasty snack .

Monday, October 3, 2011

the property

Did I mention how much I love our new land !
Lol well I'm not likely to stop !
It has been sometime since I posted about it or photos so here are a ton of pics
We had a a gathering yesterday to show people the land and it turned out to be an awesomely good time .
Perfect Autumn weather in the low 20c's
so below are some of the pics from over the last few months .
No building plans yet as we just can't financially do it yet but at least we have a wonderful property to visit and we do get an idea where and what we'd like to build .
dh of course wants a barn for horses , donkey etc. tractor , truck and more .I am dreaming of a stone /log house , greenhouse and lovely gardens and orchard .

This is one of the two driveways leading into the property it is about 1/2mile from the spot we'd like to build .

such a variety of trees this is a birch which is so big I could only get a pic of each part

did I mention the land has a ton of oak ! not the scrub oak either which is very common in our province .No glorious grand oaks .

pasture which has fireweed , many grasses & hawthorn & oak of course

wiseowl ds15 has been having a blast locating all the different types of mushroom

we've one grand oak on the property near the field dh says it is probably over 200 yrs. because it is twice the size of some which are 100 yrs.

wiseowl loves trees and he seems to like perching in this oak

I have been harvesting rosehips off the property and so far have dried them for tea and made a syrup for drinks or pancakes ☺

Bob is enjoying clearing up the field

wiseowl & Bob have been cutting the patches of poison ivy and spots where we want garden and build our home

we had our get together and this trailer dh bought has come in so handy

we lit a fire right away

set up the goodies

I did manage to get adventure boy out of the van

the scenery around the pit is just gorgeous this time of yr. and often we see different waterfowl land on it .

Bob relaxing

Bob & jack

the kids all had such fun

boy talk

my Mum came out and proceeded to plant things

did I mention it is beautiful ?

and the colours !

poplar, birch , oak

drive in to the field

Bob and his sis Summer

this meadow is just so gorgeous !

okay I am usually in love with coniferous trees but this little oak is my fav tree right now . I love seeing a lone tree in the middle of a field

grand oak

sun set

I can't believe this drive it reminds me of Tasha Tudor's place

Bob really enjoyed showing people around

okay even the road is beautiful
and no bears this time lol !

Adventure boy was so enjoying himself !

dh stopped to show the guests the wild asparagus

this is the little flower bed my Mum planted cosmos seeds in

really a happy time with friends & family

the growing moon was so wonderful too !

we stayed til after dark to watch the fire dance ☺

I love this photo !