Monday, September 12, 2011

what a Mother !

Lol ! Of vinegar that is !!!
Yes we have vinegar !
You may remember a few posts back I posted that we had begun about 5 weeks ago two crocks of vinegar.
I've never done this before but was assured it does work.
My sil gave me a huge amount of apples from her fruit share program and I cut them all up placed in the crocks with water and the process began .
At first I used cheesecloth to cover them but that turned out disaterous no matter how much I covered with layer after layer those pesky fruit flies found a way in !
So dh rigged up these two cotton scarves of mine with twine and rubber bands attached to hold them on tightly .
That did the trick .
we stirred almost everyday and slowly alcohol came about .
It then bubbled and fizzed and dh was ever tempted to attempt wine but I'm blessed he is also a lover of vinegar so he waited .
Then these small little lumps appeared which we thought were mold .Nope ! It was Mother beginning to grow . She eventually formed one huge honking slimey mass !
and now the liquid is clear and tastes like vinegar ! So I'm going to strain and put into bottles for later use .
You can keep your mother going and making vinegar by adding wine and water or just wine if you like or cider .
Below are our pictures . enjoy !

the two crocks

a layer of mother

when you scoop her up

she looks like this ! cool eh!

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