Tuesday, September 6, 2011

name change

  I felt I needed to post regarding my blog name change . I can no longer call this blog the natural catholic because I am no longer calling myself a catholic .
I have my reasons why , but mostly it is due to struggle with hatefelt people and within myself (You know me I just can't not be the real me ).
 I was a catholic in the stereotypical traditional terms for probably 3 yrs of my life . most people do not know but I was not born nor raised a catholic , most who have come to my blogs would've assumed it . assumption is decieving and I would advise people not to make assumption when and if possible ;-)
 I don't wish to be decietful in anyway and mislead people so I feel it necessary to let people know who follow or visit my blogs as I want you to feel and know it is your choice to stay or go follow or not .
This shall remain my family natural living blog and I will no longer post spiritual stuff here . rather I have begun a new spiritual blog I will & can post all my natural spiritual works etc.
For those who wish to pray for my soul to you ,you know I say a big Thank You , being one who works with & prays with souls everyday I could never be so arrogant as to tell someone no Thanks don't pray for me !

So that is about it ! I hope you all will still wish to visit my blog the Healthy Heathen ☺ and hope you all are blessed on your own personal journies .
                                 lov rox


Illustrated Ink said...

I like your new blog name, very fitting! :) Although I was drawn to your old title, I completely agree with your choice. Spirituality comes in many forms. While I adore the saintly icons, Mother Mary, and so many of the representations of the Catholic faith - I'm not Catholic myself. We can still love and respect many of its aspects, without fitting into the traditional term, right?

P.S. Thank you so much for your email, will write back soon! ;)

AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Roxxy...

I love your old blog name as well, but totally understand why you have changed it.
I love some of the Catholic Traditions as well, since my Mom's family is Catholic. She never raised us as Catholics but I've been to church with some of my relation and was always mesmerized by some of their tradition.
You must do what your heart and spirit call you to do Dear One and not worry about the rest...those that know your heart will follow you no matter the name of your blog.
Blessings and Big Hugs!

rox said...

Thank You both so so much !
I think my entering the church was a way for me to heal to not hide anymore my love of Momma Mary etc. as I was very very anti christian before , I even told my kids there was no such thing as god that it was all make beleive !
so I truly feel I am a whole now embracing all that has been given me and not judgemental of any religious group hopfully !
Thanks so much for your beautiful kind words !
I <3 you both ☺

Anonymous said...

I did think You had a bit many pagan traditions for being a catholic :-) This new name is so much better!

Have a great day!

rox said...

Lol Thanks Christer ☺ I totally agree

Searching For My Willoughby said...

I've read your blog for quite some time but have never commented before. I've always felt uplifted after reading here. Anyway, after reading this post I thought I'd stop and say hi. I'm Catholic. Always have been. In fact, I think I'm Catholic in my cells, but.... not in the way most people think. Many of my beliefs appear to be more Pagan than Christian although I'll never let go of my Catholicism. Just trying to make peace between the two, which isn't proving very easy. When I read this post, it made me feel as if I'm not all alone.

I admire your honesty. I'm still working on being myself. Your blog inspires me. Blessings.