Monday, September 19, 2011

from vinegar to wine ?

well I guess that is a little backwards isn't it Lol . First comes the wine then the vinegar .
However here apples were ready long before the wild grapes so I made apple cider vinegar as you know from my posts below ☺
these are the jugs which I filtered off the mushy mess and dh & my sil both say yes it tastes like vinegar !

so now moving on to my next project .
I know I know Rox has yet another project lol
I picked grapes while out at Mum's place last week.
These are off the same vine I pick the leaves in springtime for grape leaf rolls .
Last fall I made jelly but our children are jam freaks and do not appreciate jelly as my dh & I do. So I still have jars of the stuff .
So what to do with these grapes .
I left plenty of grapes for birds and such as many are so high up in the tree tops you can't reach them.

So I grabbed my pail and began to pick . Really I love harvesting so I had to think of something to do with them !

I gathered a whole boiler full !
and I decided to make wine .
 Now get this I do not know wine , what makes a good or bad wine .
 I am in fact extremely allergic to wine and almost all alcoholic beverages . I know , drat .
My dh on the other hand loves loves wine . He likes dry wine , apparently that is wine with almost no sugar content .
So is he not a lucky duck I love him so and am making this for his winter christmas/yule gift ☺
so came my search for a recipe to make real wine , with no chemicals , and low cost.
I lucked out my sil used to make wine and has all the equipment .
My only investment thus far was $1.75 for a pack of wine yeast and I will have to purchase corks at a later date come bottling time .

So as I understand from the recipe just like vinegar I need only mush and bruise the fruit !
So I mashed the grapes with my potato masher first.

I then squished them up with my bare hands .
Okay , mistake !
I've no idea if this would happen to all people as I have eczema and very sensitive skin .
My hands stung and became extremely itchy !
Next time I would use rubber gloves !
How on earth do people use their feet I thought to myself ?

I then put the mushed up grapes & juice into the crock ( did  say how happy I am I bought this thing ? ! ) and added water that sat out to let the chlorine evaporate .
 stirred in the little packet of yeast and covered just as I did the vinegar.
 My sil says it should be about a week to the next stage which is when I will add Irish Moss to it to grab all the little sediment particles and then I am to put it into a big glass jug to set before bottling .
I do hope this works !

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Illustrated Ink said...

Wow, Rox! That's an impressive endeavor - homemade wine! I'm eager to hear how it goes. :)