Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank You !



Thank You Thank You
That is to You my followers !
I am so very sorry I've not had much time to come back and answer all the comments You all have been leaving me .
So I thought why note send a Thank You note ☺
plus I discovered free animated clip art I just had to share with you too .
Really I really really want you to know how truly I have felt supported by your heartfelt notes of encouragement .
I honestly in being a stay at home mum and granny really have true and real friends online .
In a world where many go out to work it is weird that I in fact am a minority right now lol
and at times it can be quite lonely not have other adults to communicate with .
Some of my online friends I've known for close to 13 yrs now ! I definitely have soul sisters ☺
and yes to me they are real & true people .You really are ;-)
I really felt isolated a few weeks back and it was some of your little notes that picked me up .
So Thank You so very much for all your kindness given .

animated roses
Love Rox

Monday, September 19, 2011

from vinegar to wine ?

well I guess that is a little backwards isn't it Lol . First comes the wine then the vinegar .
However here apples were ready long before the wild grapes so I made apple cider vinegar as you know from my posts below ☺
these are the jugs which I filtered off the mushy mess and dh & my sil both say yes it tastes like vinegar !

so now moving on to my next project .
I know I know Rox has yet another project lol
I picked grapes while out at Mum's place last week.
These are off the same vine I pick the leaves in springtime for grape leaf rolls .
Last fall I made jelly but our children are jam freaks and do not appreciate jelly as my dh & I do. So I still have jars of the stuff .
So what to do with these grapes .
I left plenty of grapes for birds and such as many are so high up in the tree tops you can't reach them.

So I grabbed my pail and began to pick . Really I love harvesting so I had to think of something to do with them !

I gathered a whole boiler full !
and I decided to make wine .
 Now get this I do not know wine , what makes a good or bad wine .
 I am in fact extremely allergic to wine and almost all alcoholic beverages . I know , drat .
My dh on the other hand loves loves wine . He likes dry wine , apparently that is wine with almost no sugar content .
So is he not a lucky duck I love him so and am making this for his winter christmas/yule gift ☺
so came my search for a recipe to make real wine , with no chemicals , and low cost.
I lucked out my sil used to make wine and has all the equipment .
My only investment thus far was $1.75 for a pack of wine yeast and I will have to purchase corks at a later date come bottling time .

So as I understand from the recipe just like vinegar I need only mush and bruise the fruit !
So I mashed the grapes with my potato masher first.

I then squished them up with my bare hands .
Okay , mistake !
I've no idea if this would happen to all people as I have eczema and very sensitive skin .
My hands stung and became extremely itchy !
Next time I would use rubber gloves !
How on earth do people use their feet I thought to myself ?

I then put the mushed up grapes & juice into the crock ( did  say how happy I am I bought this thing ? ! ) and added water that sat out to let the chlorine evaporate .
 stirred in the little packet of yeast and covered just as I did the vinegar.
 My sil says it should be about a week to the next stage which is when I will add Irish Moss to it to grab all the little sediment particles and then I am to put it into a big glass jug to set before bottling .
I do hope this works !

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The curse

I truly thought the day and age where society views the sacred of menstruation in a negative light would be gone by now . It however appears not to be the case .Which is why I chose to write about the topic .
I was horrified to see not one but two negative commercials on tv put out by Tampax .
Both commercials have mother nature portrayed as the barer of the curse . How we are yet saved once again by a big brand company who defeats the evil giver of this curse .
Really ? Is that the road they want to go down ?
Many of us came from the background where it was viewed as exactly that a curse . In fact it was even a forbidden topic in some households along with anything relating to the reproductive and sexual hormonal changes we all encounter at some point in our adolescence .
I remember knowing my mother had her period she had pads under the sink in the bathroom . Yet the only talk or education I had was that of a very out dated film at school in grade 6 . I now find this so strange as my mother was attending a women's group at the time and read the book Our Bodies Ourselves  so it is beyond me of the why she didn't speak to me . I think it is probably because the topic of sexual abuse could not have been avoided then .
I did not begin menstruation until I was 15 yrs. as did our daughters and by the time it happened I had to deal with it all on my lonesome . My mother gave me one of those elastic belts and a box of pads and that was it . I wore my hoody around my waist in case I bled through and knew it was a horrible curse if anyone were to somehow know I was experiencing my period .When I left home in my early teens  I encountered the tampon via girls in my group home .I also learned other terminology such as I got my rags , she's on the rag etc.
Well entering into my early twenties into the parenting faze having two daughters I knew just as I had educated myself regarding pregnancy and birth I was not going to repeat the history of keeping this a forbidden topic .
We chose to be open about reproduction with our children , they attended the home births of their siblings etc.when mum had her period we talked of the why this was happening , often mum was in pain and the why was explained . It was in our home just a natural process which all women will experience.
I also in trying to live a wholesome & natural lifestyle purchased hand made flannel pads and discovered the sponge ! These sponges are not sold in Canada any longer I believe because of the danger of toxic shock syndrome . However if one just like with a tampon removes within the proper time frame and cleans the sponge properly ( wash with warm soapy water & boiling your sponge will do the trick ) I discovered small sea sponges at pet stores they are used to store water for crabs and the price is very inexpensive .

When my eldest dd was between 12-13 yrs of age I purchased her a book just titled Period  it was great it had so much info and what she really liked was it had a cut out of a life sized uterus you could cut out and place on your body so you'd know where your own uterus is .
My dd girlfriend's family went a step further and had a coming of age party for their dd. They gave her a necklace with a deep red stone to symbolize her entry into womenhood .
Most aboriginal cultures and ancient cultures would do this have some type of ceremony & ritual for girls when this experience happens for them .
I'm not sure of the why in a society that promotes sexual independence and responsibility we are still seeing menstruation in a negative light .
I hope maybe more women will speak up about this and those big companies will change their advertising tactics . I mean it is an insult to we women who worked so hard to try and rid the world of those negative stereotypes we need to speak up. 
I found some neat websites while looking up this topic one of which has some great colouring pages for fertility goddess
there is also a book titled  Honoring Menstruation  I've not read it but it has great reviews and looks good .

Monday, September 12, 2011

what a Mother !

Lol ! Of vinegar that is !!!
Yes we have vinegar !
You may remember a few posts back I posted that we had begun about 5 weeks ago two crocks of vinegar.
I've never done this before but was assured it does work.
My sil gave me a huge amount of apples from her fruit share program and I cut them all up placed in the crocks with water and the process began .
At first I used cheesecloth to cover them but that turned out disaterous no matter how much I covered with layer after layer those pesky fruit flies found a way in !
So dh rigged up these two cotton scarves of mine with twine and rubber bands attached to hold them on tightly .
That did the trick .
we stirred almost everyday and slowly alcohol came about .
It then bubbled and fizzed and dh was ever tempted to attempt wine but I'm blessed he is also a lover of vinegar so he waited .
Then these small little lumps appeared which we thought were mold .Nope ! It was Mother beginning to grow . She eventually formed one huge honking slimey mass !
and now the liquid is clear and tastes like vinegar ! So I'm going to strain and put into bottles for later use .
You can keep your mother going and making vinegar by adding wine and water or just wine if you like or cider .
Below are our pictures . enjoy !

the two crocks

a layer of mother

when you scoop her up

she looks like this ! cool eh!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

name change

  I felt I needed to post regarding my blog name change . I can no longer call this blog the natural catholic because I am no longer calling myself a catholic .
I have my reasons why , but mostly it is due to struggle with hatefelt people and within myself (You know me I just can't not be the real me ).
 I was a catholic in the stereotypical traditional terms for probably 3 yrs of my life . most people do not know but I was not born nor raised a catholic , most who have come to my blogs would've assumed it . assumption is decieving and I would advise people not to make assumption when and if possible ;-)
 I don't wish to be decietful in anyway and mislead people so I feel it necessary to let people know who follow or visit my blogs as I want you to feel and know it is your choice to stay or go follow or not .
This shall remain my family natural living blog and I will no longer post spiritual stuff here . rather I have begun a new spiritual blog I will & can post all my natural spiritual works etc.
For those who wish to pray for my soul to you ,you know I say a big Thank You , being one who works with & prays with souls everyday I could never be so arrogant as to tell someone no Thanks don't pray for me !

So that is about it ! I hope you all will still wish to visit my blog the Healthy Heathen ☺ and hope you all are blessed on your own personal journies .
                                 lov rox