Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making Vinegar ( trying that is )

Yes I'm giving it a go ! trying to make vinegar !
I followed these instructions  but only in a very large amount .
If this works out I also want to make pinapple vinegar so I can make cortido yum yum  

so I got the big crock out of the storage locker .Washed it out with wam soapy water and rinsed well and dried well.

my wonderful sil Summer gave me oodles of apples some green

and some very ripe

I prepared to cut them

I cut them in quarters and they do not have to be seeded , good news because it is easy breezy then

Summer informed me that an icecream pail is 4 liters so I filled it

I sprinkled in 1 c of sugar then layered 1 pail of apples per layer then 1 c sugar again until I had all the layers I wanted

I then covered  up apples with unchlorinated water I'd let sit overnight to let chlorine evaporate .
I had just bought a new cheesecloth for jellies and such so I am using that as a covering tied securly with a string to keep fruit flies out .
it is to set 3-4 weeks stirring once per day

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