Thursday, August 4, 2011

Loaf Mass ~ Lammas

Sorry I am a few days late posting my Lammas celebration .
Lammas / loaf mass is a time of graititude like Thanksgiving & for me a time of sharing & giving . Like many pagan holidays such as Thanksgiving & All Hallows eve Lammas was adopted by the Christian communities .
Although when watching Victorian Farm they stated that many churches stopped this celbration as it became very rowdey and loud due to the large consumption of first harvest of spirits ;-)
The readings for Loaf Mass day was that of the multipling of loaves & fishes .To me this is so much better a celebration then the civic holiday we have here in Canada .
This is a time of beginning harvest for us in our country

we pick many flowers


wild herbs

and food

medicinal & spiritual such as sweetgrass

it is also the beginning of the canning season


and collecting

sharing our abundance with others such as in the reading where rather than send people away we are willing to share and give .

such as sage bundles

and of course pickles !

there are many beautiful options to give & share with others for this we are most Grateful


Steve Julian said...

Holy Heck Rox you are busy and I love the pictures. Have a great rest of the summer. Take care. Steve

rox said...

Lol Steve ! yes I find it hard to keep up with myself ☺
I have been out at my mother's for a long time so not had internet or time to visit other blogs I hope you are having a great summer and it is so good not to be in the city for this heat wave !
love to you