Monday, August 15, 2011

Full Sturgeon Moon/Fish

I certainly do not write about each full moon but some get to me more than others ☺
This moon is often called the full sturgeon moon .I hadn't a clue why . it is also at times called the harvest moon but for me although August is the beginning of harvest season from the garden truly the maturity of the harvest here comes in September & October , which is why we have our Thanksgiving celebration here in Canada in October .
Anyway I really felt called to meditate on this moon.
Because of a fish ?
Yes the sturgeon is a fish I only know of through tales told. To me sturgeon is the great fish of our lake . A sad fact that it is also a very rare fish now .
There are many beautiful stories of the sturgeon fish both myth and real .
My family were and some still are commercial fishermen .Back long ago no one questioned fishing and taking eggs for eating . Just like the building of the first hydro electric dams it seemed good and full of abundance and just such a good thing .
To me the fish like the moon is full , grown to fullness , richness and old . I feel like this too but unlike the moon and the fish I feel weak right now .
I feel tired with my age , I'm achy in my bones, low low energy and the thought of a school yr. beginning leaves me in dread .
Perhaps I am to look towards my ancestors and learn how did they get through these days when aging does not quite seem so majestic and full of grace .
Like that moon & fish I wish my strength to grow .
I want / need my health to be balanced and good .
although I guess the moon now will like the fish begin to diminish and maybe we all need those times too .
I have no answers right now , just many things to ponder as I return to the lake this week.
The lake which is still in need of much healing .

This is a photo of my cousins father , he so looks similar to my grandfather and is a real fisherman !
I may look up the poem ,writing my grandfather wrote about bringing in the nets later and add it to this post but for now I'm off to help one little boy into his big splash of a lake he calls tub ☺

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