Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cleaning house/tubs

Yes that is right I have a clean tub !
please ignore the mess around my tub , please .
I was at a stand still on how to get this thing clean from all the soap scumb build up , my herbal bath tea & henna stains .
Well just yesterday I read in a book to try baking soda with borax and a few drops of essential oil .
kay I was not hopeful .I clean with applecider vinegar even baking soda and of course it is clean but those stains .I want my nice old antique tub to shine in all its glory ☺
So I mixed 1c baking soda 1/4c borax in a yogurt container with lavender oil and shook it all up .
I wet down my sink & tub and sprikled it on .
I scrubbed it with a small scrub pad and then let it sit maybe all of 3 min .I rinsed it off and wow !
gleaming with delight ! my newly scrubbed tub shined right up for me.
okay I could ot get the rust stain off frm under that silver drain thing on the top but hey the tub is awesome !

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