Monday, August 8, 2011

cleaning house

No this isn't a post about house cleaning lol although I did make laundry soap today ☺
no really I needed a reason to post a pic of my little broom .
nope okay I'm very tired here this granny needs her rest ;-)
 No I am blog cleaning I'm trying t put labels onto all my posts and it is somehow coming up on my network blogs on fb . so I actually just wanted to apologize if by chance people are getting my posts from long ago etc. and overwhelmed by post after post these are not new posts .I just can't find a way to make them not repost after I add a label to the post .I have tried the return to post list feature but then it does not save the labels so I have to click the post button .
I do also hope to try , now this is just still an idea in my head so who knows if I'll get around to it but I hope to make tabs /pages up top to list flowers , herbs trees, roots etc. and their meanings and uses for prayer etc. I just thought it might be handy so people don't have to search through posts .
however like I said this granny is tired so I'm off to bed so I can clean tomorrow ☺

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