Wednesday, August 10, 2011

100 Reasons to Blog for Peace

Yes there are !
Last year I discovered via facebook the campaign to blog for Peace .
Blog Blast for Peace  was stared by Mimi a really awesome lady .The project has blossomed into a bright and beautiful Peace Flower .
The offcical day this year to make your pace globe and enter your globe and blog post for peace is Nov.4 but many people do this all year long in many ways .I wrote this last year
 I do not have an offical peace blog because I feel my work against abuse and narural living etc. reflect this .Trying to live life in and with peaceful heart mind and soul.
So one other way people are blogging about it is the 100 Reasons to Blog for Peace
so I am going to goive it a go and try it out . It may take me a whole year but I'm sure I can find 100 reasons to blog for Peace .Maybe you can too ☺  

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