Friday, July 22, 2011

Passion Cooking

I've had this thought , meditation in my head for some time now about how we cook .
I was thinking of cooking with divine inspiration , cooking with passion compared to the just doing it because . Being a mother I have had to do alot of the just because type of cooking lol
I'm talking the type of cooking where it takes you hours upon hours sometimes and you still come out of it enlightened , uplifted , the breath at the end is sheer contentment not Thank God its over ☺
Sometimes when wishing to make something I'm inspired to make I've even put it off for 3 days until the timing is just so. I know for certain if I bake cookies when mad they will flop and I am an awesopme cookie maker , so I just know , don't do it unless you can get out of the funk .
So while I was meditaing on this I thought of all the cooking and people who are inspirations where you know they just are so with God when cooking , like Julia Child or the monks who tended gardens and make the cheese that is known all over the world .
To me passion cooking is like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book or Sarah Addison Allen's book Garden Spells .
That kind of passion !
Everyone must remember Like Water for Chocolate !
I love love fiction and even more so mystery that invloves Botany & food like Susan Wittig Albert Books
So as I was meditaing on this I read my saint of the day book and I've always heard of ST.Pascal being the saint for cooks & everyone must know Pascal & the Kitchen Angels
However the saint I read about I'd never heard of him ST.Benedict the Moor , he was known for many healing miracles but mostly his miraculous works in the kitchen ☺ often when cooking it is said there would be an incredible glow following him . He loved to prepare food as gift to others yet he himself would only nibble ,which he said was a form of fasting because you get a bit but not to much plus you are practicing great restaint in not falling to temptaion of wanting more than is needed ☺
I myself am not so much a passion cook as I am a passion baker .
As I said I'm mum and granny and meals are a must in the home .Of course I love and put much passion ionto cooking for feasts , holidsays , birthdays etc. but my main true love in the kitchen is baking .
I think too I tend to be a person who is very visual but also very touchy feely . I love working with clay , in the garden touching things , so it is the same with baking one gets to actually touch and interact with the ingredients . I love to grind nuts to add to the flour to make a batch of passion cookies , or the smell of the cinnomon , brown sugar and butter one spreads on rolled out dough for cinnamon rolls .
below are some items I have enjoyed making with great passion ☺ 

I love making cream puffs ! I especially only make them in spring & summer because they are best with fresh berries . I learned the best cream puff recipe from a mennonite cookbook because naturally the mennonites make the best cream puffs ☺
this cake is elegant yet so so simple it is wacky cake ! yes that simple little cake we all learned to make in home economics class . place a doily on top and sprinkle with powdered sugar ☺

evereyone knows I love tea parties

no I didn't make this cake lol but I could've ;-)

I love love to make different types of pancakes for the kids , we even have pancake parties 1
 add toasted seeds & coconut . berries , sauces & syrups , yum yum

summer cakes lemon poppyseed with lemon/rose icing

crepes ! I love savory crepes most of all but I make these on pancake tuesday sweet with tangy lemon juice ☺

Ah yes , the cookie !

lavender rose

almond orange

okay this is one thing I stress to people , let your kids cook ! I really had no idea there were people who did not let their children cook . Until I saw it with my own eyes! This was a friend of mine ! I just had made the assumption all children grew up helping to add the flour , stir the eggs in , drop on sprinkles , place raisens for eyes . Nope !
some children grow up having to just watch never touch ! if lucky they get to lick a beater , what even shocked me more is how this awful behavoiur is passed on !
so yes our children learn at a very young age how to scramble an egg , bake a cake , chopping soft veggies with a dull butter knife , boil pasta etc.
this photo is not just of my mother who taught me to partake in cooking but her with her great grandson !
tradition continues and if it isn't it is up to us to start the great tradition ☺

I mean how can you not do this !

when you get such great results as this !
lol this was my grandsons creation ☺

we of course love to use fresh & natural when possible


gooey cinnamon rolls

flowers yummy nummy flowers

seasonal cooking also involves making things pleasing to the eye

fresh rolls

cabbage rolls and trad Ukranian staple come autumn

waffles for my man on fathers day
Oh and one of the best spring treats ever !
grapeleaves !

cleaned and ready to roll

we make veggie ones and meat ones

a Lebanese delight !

wild strawberry

okay you know my all time fav thing , pie ! pie ! pie !

did I say pie ☺

Adventure boy and I picked wild roses this spring and I made several batches of rose syrup .
It is wonderful for sweetening lemonade , herbal teas and of course using in desserts and sauces ☺

I had to make this yummy lemoney rose petal pie . yes it is deliscious !

this is one of ds21 fav desserts .frozen lemon lime raspberry dessert

yes it is so good ☺

there are so many great cookbooks out there ! Tomorrow it is to rain all day so I'm making ginger crinkle cookies with added orange rind , from the Moosewood cookbook .
I also love The Pioneer Lady's cookbooks . Not to be confused with the new trendy Pioneer Woman cookbooks

he was thrilled when the berries started showing up ☺

We love what we discover when out gathering ingredients . Have you seen these white spiders that live on the rose bushes ? They have such great camaflouge ! They at times have a pink stripe on them like a wisp of rose coloured paint . This fellow was eating a fly !
How can one not experience passion when cooking envolves life lessons like this ☺

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