Monday, July 18, 2011

O' Glory , It Happened !

Yes ! That 's right ! We found our property glory be !
Now I know our friends and family know but my bloggy world does not .
sorry I've been away for about 3 months .
so much has obviously happened ☺
We helped our dd find a home and helped her out with a downpayment this past april.
I then backed up our house , placing boxes upon boxes in storage .I also packed up boxes and moved ot to my mother's place for 3 months . This was our plan , that dh would begin the renos on our home here in the city while the boys and I stayed out at the lake with my mum .I also ended up having our grandson for close to 5 weeks during this time .It was a tiring timer but also so much fun for all of us. ds21 also returned home to live to help dh renovate our house .
Well do plans change ds21 got a job and could not do much renovating , back in May my cousin who is also our awesome realtor out there called about a property .
161 acres ! about 20min from my mum's place and a 10 min drive to the lake .
We went to look at it .It appeared to have been logged but there is still about 1/4 of it old groth forest plus it is the dense boreal forest I love ☺
the owner also thought he could make money off it by selling gravel there was no gravel but there is now a small test pit on the property , which is now a lovely pond .
We put an offer in on the land , what we thought other pieces in the area are going for .
Now as you know we have been looking for close to 10 yrs . In this area where mum & our family are from is beautiful but it is also extremely expensive because of the cottage industry .
We always seem to be able to affrod prices from two yrs prior to prices now . We've also had some horrid heart wrenching times during this search too. So we planned not to have high hopes and also not to tell the children to much about it .
Well our offer was rejected , we knew we offered to low .
So life went on , we were focused now on selling our home not on finding land , what the hay we'd even settle for a couple acres now just to get out of here . This has got to be the yr we thought , as our city escalates in biker wars etc.
I'd come into the city to drop off grandson and sat outside by the fire . I once again began to pray , yet another never ending please please please send land etc. how will we know it is the one etc.
Then just like that my prayer changed !
Yes after close to 10 yrs I said to God.
"you gave us the instruction to move , to buy a forest " You never did tell me you'd tell us what peice did You ?
No He did not lol
Honestly it is like schooling God left the choice up to us !
Honestly God does not care one way or the other weather we homeschool or not .He cares that we are making the best choice for us as a family at the time , taking part in the education is the main part be it in public school or homeschooled .
So land He told us to do it , thats it , nothing more .Heck we could've bought land in NB or  France for all He cared ☺
Okay I finished up my prayers that morning we were getting ready to drive ds15 out to his survival camp and Our realtor called ! The listing agent had called her to say that the seller wished to lower his asking price !!
We put in an offer and it was accepted . within 3 weeks we took possession ! Yes just like that !
So now we have no money to fix up this house for the moment but we are mortgage free and dh is an excellent saver of money ;-) we will do the work on it as the funds come in .
I honestly cannot stress enough what total release and relief I felt the day the land became ours !
I did not realize what a heavy burden we carried in all those yrs of searching !
It honestly does not matter when we build but I can say I have never seen my dh happier than he is now ! well except maybe the birth of our kids ☺
I honestly thought we'd sit on it for a few yrs but so far he has wanted to be out there every weekend . He knows where he wishes to build atop the hill behind the shelter belt of poplars .He wants the barn to be down the hill from the big oak tree. He wants to plant fruit trees this autumn and till a spot now so we can plant that garlic my sil is so thrilled about ☺
We are hoping we can bring in a camper so to have some form of shelter for now .
ds15 is thrilled he is really into utilizing all the skills he has been aquiring taking these survival skills & boreal forest courses . He rode his bike from my mum's place and it took him exactly 1hr. ! not bad .
As you know we are very down on the whole ATV thing and people do cut from the ATV trail onto this land and have been having fires driving all over it . We shall have to put up some signs and start to make it looked after . We are not against ATV use completely for fire rangers etc. farmers checking on crops that sort of thing but using them to drive deep into the bush to drink beer and light fires is stupid ignorant behaviour and it destoyed hundreds of acres of old growth forest here in our province a few yrs back due to this negligent behaviour .
dh would like to get something it is called an argo. kind like an ATV apparently. We can't have horses yet or mules as no where to care for them yet ☺ dh also says we will have to be off grid if we wish to build in that field because it'd cost about 10 grand to bring in hydro all that way ! off grid means no freezers either , do people still have ice houses , I wonder ? we do live near the lake and have an old ice cutter !
So we have plans , we have goals  !
Below are some photos , near the bottom are a few plants I've no idea what they are if you do please let me know !
I'm hoping to post more now that I'm back in the city ☺

You can't take the city out of this boy lol


yum yum !

dad & wise owl

the previous owner left his stand in the tree adventure boy finds it fun to sit up on this perch ☺

there are two dogs in that grass !

there is a ton of oak on this land and not scrub oak either big tall beautiful grand oaks

field where we hope to build barn


there is quite a bit of poplar on it

and some dense spruce / birch forest my fav ☺

okay our van got stuck in the mud

but my little toyota did not !

Bob walked ahead and I drove in

brown eyed susan

wild clover

this is the plant I'm not sure what it is

it has big green leaves and multiple purple flowers


flower , do you know what it is ?

this is some type of thistle we'd not ever seen before


this grand oak is

the perfect shade tree ☺

do you know this at all ?

Yes Bob & Rox are so very blessed
happy too


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AkasaWolfSong said...

Rox...I am over the moon happy for you and your beloved family!

Good things come to those who wait upon The Lord! :)

Congrats Sister Soul!

Melodie said...

I am so happy for you and your family! A dream come true!

rox said...

Thank You Ladies !
well of course my dream is to be right at the lake on my grandmothers property but this is close ☺

Gae said...

Dear Rox,
So very very happy for you and the family. Almost paradise I think
Much love and blessings as always

You, Me & Religion said...

Congrats on your new place- it looks wonderful!

Friend said...

Very happy for you and your family Roxie! jon..