Friday, July 22, 2011

The Environmentalist

Yep, that's my Mum ☺
She is also known by the campers /cottagers as the lady who comes out of the bush lol
this is because they will be sitting out on their decks enjoying their drinks & sunning and all of a sudden the bush starts to move , is it a bear , no , its my Mum out walking about in the woods identifying what is there and what has been disturbed etc.
My mother is one of the reasons of course that I am who I am I am 1/2 her ☺
Don't get me wrong my family & friends also know I am not 1/2 my mother and we certainly have our struggles in our parent/child relationship .
Yet I have also received much good from her and for this I am really thankful for .
One of those gifts is that of living naturally , simply & one with nature .Being comfortable in my own skin in things natural.
We do things differently of course . My mother does not have so much the spiritual attachment to creation as I do , she works differently .She is very much into the practical side of things . She is I will tell you an activist .She works on and makes things known and as a result changes have occurred due to her activism .
Like I said she protested the building of hydro dams on the river because it would effect lake levels long before the professionals came around 30 yrs later talking because of course now they see the effects .Like Jesus said some see long before others that which is to come .She also worked very hard at making the ATV use in the little area banned .
She is also very radical at times , I am far more like my grandmother was in that I like the garden , I like the visual appealing , where my mother does not .She is very aware of what trees, plants and animals are not present due to human encroachment upon the earth . She tends her yard which looks at time barren to some because it is located on a sand hill. Yet she knows where all the little seedlings are sprouting up in amongst the tall sandy grasses that no one else can see. She notices how people walk in the forest , people who also care about the environment yet when going out to pick things are not watching what they walk on. An aboriginal elder said we should actually wear moccasins while picking because it is much more gentle a step.
She also has found plant growth of those species which are not from our region coming in .plants that may tend to need the warmer environment of the southern part of our province like the ground cedar have now arrived here .Global warming I'm certain.
So who is a true & real environmentalist ?
Yes we all know David Suzuki is labeled the professional .However to me it is someone who is just like my Mum. Who just naturally knows what is what and what is right & what is wrong in their own environment. One who has their natural surroundings as part of their life not living separate from .
What brought on this thought or meditation was a little story my Mum told me while I was staying out there this spring . It was the story of the carrot bag . I guess we were talking carrots and she said when she was 16yo she wrote a letter to a company that sold veggies. She was using carrots and told her mother , isn't it a shame they put this clip on the bag because the only way to get it off was to destroy the bag . If the company were to just put a tie on the bag then we could reuse it . Back then plastics were made for that purpose to have long life and reuse not to be disposable like now. So what was my grandmothers response ? Why write a letter of course ! So my Mum did she sent off a letter to this company how she liked their nice bags so much but what a shame it was she could not reuse the bag itself for other things .
I have to say that my dd Natasha is just like her gramma in this way and I like my gramma I'd tell her to write the letter ☺
But that is it , just the little things in life , that is how my Mum was brought up and how she lives today too. She needs no degree to see it or know it .
I am really really Thankful for this gift .
Thank You Lady who comes out of the bush !

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