Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day ~ Beltaine !

I was looking for beautiful pics of may day poles and images and then I remembered I have my own !!
this is a photo of my grandmother Grace making garlands with her 3 sisters.
How blessed they were to have each other to celebrate with !
I honestly do not know if this is mayday as here in Canada it is probably the 24th of May
Most new pagans & wiccans do not know that the Celtic Christians also celebrated these holidays ,within church services as well .did you know the only reason they stopped celebrating Lammas in church in Victorian times was because people just got to loud because they'd been drinking to celebrate lol ! 
 in fact I know some pagans who get down right peeved and down right jealous that others celebrate  as if their holidays were stolen lol honestly originally this holiday was not even celtic it was Egyptian . people pass on and share their holidays & religious festivals it is just a fact .So many Roman /Celtic catholic rites & rituals imitate their pagan ancestors . People just merely worship different Gods . we either accept we share with each other or we don't
 I know some aboriginal people who are outraged that the Ojibway do the sundance as they believe it is only meant to be a plains peoples ceremony . so again , whatever , to each his own.
If anything Beltaine would be one of the ultimate celtic Christian celebrations and was . New groth , new birth , renewal of life & fertility ! okay Catholics are known to celebrate life & the gift of fertility lol !
I think of Thanksgiving , it was here on North America a native American tradition a harvest festival , supposedly pagan , right . yet the Christians had no problem taking this festival on . why ? because where they came from they too had harvest celebrations . honouring and thanking their God.
As Christians we believe the seasons , harvests , full moons etc.
So yes I like the idea of Mayday and one of my first celebrations was partaking in the mayday pole with my school when I was 18 yrs . I was excited ! Unfortunately the day was much like today and everyone had to leave .
Yes today there is no maypole nor flower garlands .
There is however snow balls , pancakes & hot cocoa lol

Look at this cool photo ! It reminds me of the letters I read of my Grandmothers days at Normal School ( teachers school )
I think they would've had much the same celebrations

If you would like some activities to do with children over the year this book  is wonderful
and I've talked about how much I love

This book is great for Seasonal recipes

If you are looking for Adult related Celtic Christian readings and prayers there are a few really nice books I've found
and I just found this site yesterday for prayers etc.
I always tell people you can use your religion to grow to be the best you , you are created to be or you can use it to remain a victim and build up resentments towards others .
If that is our choice then really we probably are not truly being who we claim we are .
We all have choice !
Blessed Be


Mother's Moon's Message said...

A Blessed May Day to you as well...

Illustrated Ink said...

Happy belated May day, Rox! What a beautiful and wonderful photo to have of your grandmother! I love it. :)

Brenda said...

Great post! As a new Heathen, I'm still not quite sure how to celebrate May Day, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. :) I borrowed your pic and credited it to you. Hope that was ok and subscribed! Muwah!