Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yummy Yummy Hot & Sour Soup

I hope you all are having a good week !
We have had a mix of sun , snow & rain here .
I was inspired this week as we did a shop in China town .It is always so nice during the week too as the shops are not so busy and the elderly people are out and about .
I first learned the recipe for Hot & Sour Soup from my friend Karen and that is still the basic recipe I use .
First off start with a really good stock . With it being lent I made the all veggie stock but let me say that of all the stocks the best soup result we eat is always made from turkey stock. Chicken is next in line ☺
 If using meat stock also shred your meat and add to soup stock .
ingredients needed are
dried Chinese mushrooms
black/white fungus ( whole or shredded )
miso (omit if using meat stock )
soy sauce
rooster chili garlic sauce
white vinegar
honey (optional)
slivered bamboo shoots
 sliced water chestnuts
soft tofu
frozen peas ( optional)
fresh sugar snap peas ( optional )
green onion
bean spouts

in the morning before assembling soak your black/ white fungus &  in boiled water .

this comes in big whole pieces or already shredded . if you soak the big piece you then cut it into strips once it is soaked and softened

In the morning also soak your dried mushrooms . I like to soak the mushrooms once for a few hrs then drain and re-soak again for another couple hrs.
when mushrooms are soft strain water off and cut them up into slices . discard the stems as they are just to tough .
Once fungus and mushrooms are strained and cut add right away to your stock .
The veggie type stock is basically water with several flavours added . In Hot & Sour soup I was told that plain black pepper is what makes it hot. Pepper does work good but I now use rooster brand chili sauce it is far better for heat .It also goes great with shrimp chips by the way .
I start with adding about 2 tsp to a pot .start with less rather then more and test before adding more .

soy sauce is good for that salty flavour and also gives the soup that nice dark colour . Use soy sauce even if using meat stock .

miso gives great flavour if making a veggie stock . I use a good 1/2c to the pot . Do not use miso if making meat stock .
white vinegar is what gives the best sour taste . I add about 1/2c and go from there adjusting to how sour you like it.
 I also add a bit of honey to our soup as I tend to like a little bit of sweet however it is not needed .
when you've added the mushrooms & fungus add the bamboo shoots

water chestnuts

soft tofu , this is best if you buy it fresh as it will not have preservatives added .There is always fresh tofu in china town .
 crumble it up as you add it to the stock
now would be a good time to add your frozen peas if you want them in soup .
cook the stock and ingredients simmering for about 20min making sure your flavours for hot , sour , salty , sweet are how you want them .
some people like to add corn starch to their soup to make it thick.I don't.
 if adding cornstarch take 3-4 T of cornstarch and mix into 1/4 -1/2 c water when smooth slowly pour and stir into soup. cook this for 3min then turn heat off
once soup has cooked for 20min turn off heat and add fresh bean sprouts
chopped green onion
take 2 eggs and whisk them up til fluffy. then slowly pour ans stir into hot soup. This is what gives Hot & Sour soup that white stringy look

It is very very yummy and like most soups it is best the next day ☺
Enjoy !

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Texan said...

This looks so good! I love hot and sour soup! I agree too that fresh tofu is so good!