Friday, April 29, 2011

Slop Pail

lol who likes compost ! jack jack
Who knew the topic of compost would become such a sophisticated concept !
were you like me and grew up with slop pail ?
I think I am sort of getting it that people who did not grow up with these concepts of a garden or slop pail etc. it seems so foreign and you must need be a master gardener in oder to know compost
nope !
we have a small yogurt or honey bucket in the kitchen I empty into a bigger slop pail.
People think well of course if you grew up in the country people had slop pails to feed the animals . no . my Mother & Grandmother had long not had animals but still always had a slop pail .even when not having a garden they had a slop pail and it just got dumped in the bush.
My family did not waste much your garbage was your garbage . items like fish guts would not go in the slop pail it would go to sled dogs or back into the lake or bones and such would be taken far into the woods because of bears .In the city we have put animal fat in and no horrid results my Mum just chucked everything in there and into her garden it went .
There are websites and books on composting , how it should smell in odour to have perfect chem levels and best results .
I just like to promote things like bread making , composting , midwifery , whatever . that common folk like you and I have done this all along .
Somewhere along the way it seems that was viewed upon as backwoodsie and not knowledgeable uneducated folk. Ignorance has nothing to do with where one receives or how they are educated . some of the most arrogant , ignorant people hold University degrees . I have always spoken of how our teachers come from all sources ☺
so you can do it too !

My Gramma always had a red slop pail , it has got to be at least 50 yrs if not older , it is still there at her old cottage . and yes we have always used it . My pail is blue but I think taken a bit more of a beating
My mother always grew up and taught us we had 3 different garbages , slop , burnable and throw out . It always just was that way .
People who would come out to visit just automatically wold throw their garbage in one garbage pail and we'd have to explain the 3 garbage . the looks we'd get !
so now it is called recycling & composting ?
really back then there was not as much plastic honey came in tins or jars , milk in bottles so left over garbage after burying it , burning or throwing to animals or gardens ,there just wasn't much left over .

we do have two big old barrels we throw slop into all winter , then come summer dh rolls them across the garden and tills it in .
I do have to tell ds21 he can not put his cigarettes in it though ! better yet pray he quits and takes up swimming or something .
okay you may not have barrels , you can buy the big compost bins . Get this people just used to have a compost pile . yep. in a corner of the yard or garden . much easier to turn then ! throw leaves and grass on top of it. Turn it and wet it down . speaking of which my Grandmother always had rain tanks set up on stands for catching water . I even throw the ashes from my fires on top of compost  .

so all winter long I throw slop around my rose bush
come spring I mix the left over leaves throw some other soil on top and it is fine .This bush loves it ! I've 3 new shoots come up this yr. so I will transplant another out at the lake ☺
so slop pail you can do it too  !

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