Monday, April 4, 2011

Pupusas & Lenten Menu

Well , this Lenten menu is going to be very pathetic to say the least .
 I had a strange & tiring week.
Above is the pic of  a piece of our anniversary cake which was the good mixed in with the ugly part of the week .
I see to top off such a great week I also lost a follower. I despise the following thing now because I feel pathetic .not good enough , what did I do wrong if someone left visiting my blog. Yet I love following blogs . If I were to unfollow them I would not remember all the names of them and I would miss their news.
I checked and I follow 285 blogs lol !
 I actually took note to follow blogs like mine that might only have 2 followers ☺
anyway to whom ever it was who left I hope it was just merely that you left because you were cleaning up blogs and not offended by me .I'm trying just to be me and not people please anymore because it is thoroughly exhausting trying to be cool enough , catholic enough , alternative enough , happy , politically correct enough . you name it I will never be able to fit in that box of the enough of anything box . I get stuck and it is hard to move on when stuck in a box.
By the way for those of you who may be like me with a very forgetful mind , note to self : do not mix shampoo into your yogurt . do not have the activity of applying yogurt to hair & yogurt eating at the same time . do not do this especially if you are in a peri menopausal faze !
note to self : dr. bronners is absolutely non toxic but tastes horrid ! remember that note !

Below I have a few pics I managed to have ds15 snap while I made the pupusas

I make extra beans to make re fried .Have water heated in the kettle .  I add oil to pan to fry first . add dried onion , garlic , salt & pepper. some people use a food processor .I have never owned one and a potatoe / bean masher works just as well
begin to mash spices into beans the beans get dry very quickly so add water as needed until they form a good paste .
remove from heat and let cool while you

grate mozzarella cheese
once your beans are totally cooled it is easiest just to add this cheese right into beans and mix them together for the filling .

Mix together masa harina and salt . Have on hand very hot boiled water . This is the trick with tamales & pupusas etc. to not add cold water but hot water or broth .
masa uses up a lot of water so be prepared !
mix throuroghly until you have a very nice moist dough . If you wish to keep fingers from having dough stick just have a bowl of warm water to dip fingers and palms slightly wet.

grab a a handful of dough and shape into a ball. Make a hole in the ball of dough

and fill with beans & cheese. My friend uses grated zucchini too or meat but with lent I am trying to have no meat each day of the week.
fold the sides of dough over the beans and begin to flatten out the ball into a small pancake shape. you may need to wet fingers & palms again .

fry in heated oil browning on each side . place on paper towel & salt .

pupusas are almost always served with cortido which is really just the Latino version of sauerkraut but so much better . I'm sure if you have no access to cortido you could use sauerkraut or maybe take a can of those pickled jalapenos with the carrot etc. and mix it into sauerkraut ? anyway pupusas are absolutely wonderful yummy awesome food !

I'm going to post more pics on our other blog but thought I'd give you one more yummy peek ☺

Lenten Menu ( whatever week it is I really am to tired to check ! )

Monday ~ leftover pupusas ;-)


oh my I did the caps lock ! no I'm not going back over it .
Wed. ~ mooshi wraps with hosin sauce . this is basically taking the left over rice wraps from the summer rolls the other week and rolling up a vegetarian stirfry in the rice wrap . dip in hosin sauce .

Thurs~ lentil burgers . cooked lentils mashed up with an egg , bread crumbs , minced onion , spices dip in egg and bread crumbs and fry . I'm buying store made buns !

Fri ~ tuna casserole

Sat ~ tostadas I had meant to make these last week but didn't get around to it .  deep fried tortillas topped with re fried beans , cabbage , onion , peppers etc. and feta cheese .

Sun ~ I'm investing in a salmon instead of whitefish I'm just tired of white fish ;-) so salmon and salad I think . maybe some pita bread if I'm up for it .

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