Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poutine , Chocolate , Trifle ?

I would love to hear what you all are planning for your Easter meal !
really what I'm most looking forward to is seeing our grandson mr. silly ridiculous ☺
We were hoping to have lamb but it is not in yet .
I have been having very strange cravings and Easter meal will not be based on those otherwise dinner would consist of poutine & several bars of lindt chocolate ☺
Instead dh said he will cook a chicken on the BBQ rotisserie these are so good and taste almost as good as MX chicken ☺
I am thinking a really big fresh salad & buns
really I do not want us to over eat so I'm going to leave it at that .
 Then for desert we will have the bestest strawberry/ peach trifle ever which I am posting the recipe too as it is so very easy .I do wish I had a picture to post I've never had the time I guess to take a photo of the trifle as it is always gone just like that lol
This is one of the fav things people at church ask me to make as it truly is so creamy & heavenly good
You could use any type of fruit or berry you like .I personally would love raspberry or blackberry but my family prefer strawberries .
I make this in a punch bowl and it needs to be made at least 4 hrs ahead so all the flavour can set in .
There is absolutely no alcohol in this recipe so all ages can eat it too ☺
I am just listing the ingredients not amounts as you can best estimate for the size of group you will be feeding . I make this in a punch bowl usually as we usually always have a large group .
angel food cake ( not pound cake ) broken into bite sized pieces

strawberries preferably fresh but frozen are fine slice berries and sprinkle with sugar and let sit for 1 hr.

canned peaches in syrup ( do not drain off juice or syrup )

whipping cream ~ whipped with vanilla & sweetened

Devon cream
 ( be sure and buy enough cans of Devon cream if not making your own just so you will have enough , you can always store any extra cans as it is great on top pancakes, waffles , berries etc.)

basically you make this in layers beginning with the cake pieces . then spoon on some peaches with the syrup this replaces the alcohol , then layer on sugared strawberries , layer of whipped cream , layer of Devon cream . Layer the same way again , then again as many times as you can .last layers Devon cream should be on top . decorate with a few strawberries & peaches & a few plops of whipped cream . place in fridge for at least 4 hrs then set out room temp 1/2 hr.-1 hr.
any extras make an excellent breakfast by the way ☺
Enjoy !

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