Friday, April 29, 2011

New Growth !

Yes ! we have new growth happening around here !
I may not be planting a garden this yr but all my sweet little reliables are popping their heads up ☺
Rhubarb , doesn't it look so beautiful ? That colour !
my sweetgrass is up too ☺

as I wrote in my post a few minutes ago my rose bush is growing so very well !
 Last spring I took a shoot out to the lake and planted it . I checked on it in late autumn and it had taken !
I learned later from my Mother that , that is the same place my Grandmother had her tea rose bush !
I never knew that before !
So this year I am going to take bulbs & rose shoots out there to make a garden
This year is a no planting until well into May , usually in the old days Victoria day was the day you'd begin adding plants/seeds  to the garden

I counted 5 shoots !

There will be flowers and I am thinking to just chuck handfuls of seeds throughout the garden and see what happens .I can't not plant anything . seeds would be fine that way if dh & the roofers throw stuff all over it is no real loss anyway .
so Lily of course has popped up


peonie too

who is that ?

I am going to transplant all the boys strawberry plants into pots so they do not get squished

so look who I found !
He made my day ☺
so is he a johnny jump up or a king henry ?anyone know ?

In the whole garden this little fellow was so brave to come out and enjoy the sun ☼

The garden is not the only new growth , the people are experiencing it too !

I cleaned up the prayer space

we had our very first prayerful fire in a very long time

I cleaned up the front step

hung up the wool quilts & moose hides

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Mother's Moon's Message said...

One can always count on the rhubarb coming back.... That and the wild garlic... both two of my favorites... Blessed May Day to you