Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Beginings & Garden Joys

Yes , this summer season is going to be different for us . We are in the medst of packing so dh can do the house renos so the house will be able to be listed .
I and the boys will be heading out to spend several months at the lake .
This means no garden here . Also my garden shall be soon covered in much dbrie from the roof as we are having it reshingled .
So what of my Mary garden , fairy houses and roses etc. .I was a tad sad at the thought as I know where I'm going there have not been official gardens for yrs and I know the labour it takes to til that land ;-)
 Plus it is not to be our home forever . Yet how can I not garden ?
So I am planning , and the joy that comes when you just begin even to think of a single flower coming to bloom fills me up ☺
 Iam thinking maybe having a small Mary garden in the foundation of the old house where my grandmother once had her lilies and fishpond .
perhaps herbs in pots and a few small flower beds , setting up a table and chairs for afternoon tea .
so as I am sad to say goodbye to my sacred spaces here I am also looking forward to the joy in new beginnings .


Illustrated Ink said...

I'm sad to see your magical gardens go, Rox! You must have a small garden elsewhere, you are a natural at it! I can also see how much joy it brings you. :)

rox said...

Leila you are such a sweetie thanks so much ☺

molly said...

I know you will make any lpace a scared place for your heart.
I am excited for you!!!

rox said...

Oh Yes Molly ! isn't that so true because truly He is present always so when and wherever we chose to worship and honour Him anyplace can become sacred ☺
there is that prayer Fr. always says during mass that is something like that but I cannot remember the words ;-)

Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. We are in a rented house right now and I don't know how long we will be here so although I can plant in containers I can't really garden like I want to. Praying for you!

rox said...

Thank You so so much Michele !You are so strong and such a wonderful example , I get such inspiation to just keep on ☺