Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lenten Menu April 16th - April 23rd

Am I not pathetic I did not get my menu up last week and no pictures. It was a horrid last 2 weeks with a terrible cold and in regards to menu cooking the oven broke !! so all the pizza , enchiladas etc. I had planned went on hold I had to totally wing it making quesadillas and salads etc. instead .
I do have some more ideas in my head this week though and I'm just gonna mix and match , make it very multicultural for the last week of Lent .
Lenten Menu
Satuurday ~ tuna cassarole
Sunday ~ hot & sour soup
Monday ~ pizza
Tuesday ~ tabouli & fresh pita
Wednesday ~ homemade mac & cheese ( sharp cheese is the secret )
Thursday ~ a huge mega big greek salad again with pita
Friday ~ baby lima bean cassarole
Saturday ~ palak paineer ( not sure on the spelling )
I'm not totally sure of Easter Sunday yet as I really was hoping we'd have the lamb in by then but I can tell you that dessert is for sure strawberry/ peach triffle & yes it is to die for ☺
I'll try and post a few recipes and pics if I can later in the week .I've a feeling our move will be postponed now due to the extra moisture and flooding here in our province so I will have a bit more time to work on restoring blogs and reloading files onto my restored computer . It was gone 3 weeks in the shop , thank goodness ds21 did loan me his for a time . Thanks again Chay ☺

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