Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kindness without expectation ( how our children teach us )

Mother Teresa Apr. 13th
Be the living expression of God's kindness;
kindness in your eyes,
kindness in your face,
kindness in your smile,
kindness in your warm greetings.
We are all but His instruments who do our little bit and pass by.
I believe that the way in which an act of kindness is done
is as important as the action itself.

Yesterday I was reminded of the gift of kindness and the beautiful gift our children are to us .
Yesterday was the 30th birthday of our most precious dd Natasha Rose .
Yes 30 yrs !
I had such a reminder yesterday of what a gift our children are to us and how we are supposed to share these gifts with the world not be possessive and keep these gifts all to ourselves .
I read my daily Mother Teresa reading and it was on kindness . for April 13th ! I thought to myself , that is our Natasha , FOREVER GIVING , FOREVER KIND ! she IS A WONDERFUL OUT GOING GAL AND SHE GIVES TO SO MANY .
Can I take credit for that , no ! I most certainly hope I have been of good example to her and helped in the process of guiding her to become the young woman God has created her to be however I cannot claim credit to the making of such a beautiful kind soul.
This brought forth another meditation yesterday . Not such a good or positive outlook as it was indeed an examination of conscious . Kindness , can we and more importantly I give & share without expectation ?
 The answer I am sad to say was not always .
Yes I have been terribly greedy and through what I believed was being the act of sharing also led me to that terrible response of expectation . Expecting something in return ! In regards to me it is always credit. I share with someone I want recognition . !

I was stewing one day with anger within me . I shared with our ds21 . I was pissed , yet another woman I'd shared with went behind my back and was claiming something I said as her own ! More so I had shared with her trying to relieve her pain in a time of great sadness and she now turned it around and was blabbing it amongst others as her own . Then I was even more angry this woman is getting all this praise for a wonderful book she wrote . I became even more angry ! Was her book full of gifts she'd received from others and she was perhaps claiming the credit as her own ? How dare she !
Yes that is the mean spirited selfish me ! Me wanting attention & credit so I can be ego boosted and puffed up. No wonder I am truly meant to stick with the few and not the many . My goodness can you imagine my fall if I were to have a bigger ego than I do already !
 Enter ds again !
 He is just like his Daddy by the way , very quite , very non quick to respond . He said in ever a calm voice " but is it not good you taught them ?" You know what he is so right ! They did learn did they not ! were they not now sharing with many and passing on in fact what I had given and in fact the claim is not my own in fact I had been given the teaching ! What if God had said now don't go and share this . Did I give God credit , yes when I first shared with this person I did , it was the afterwards I forgot who did the first sharing . HIM !!!
 Oh my what a cleansing of the soul I am having this Lenten season !
 Oh what a true blessing we as teachers can remain the student and continue to learn .
 Oh what a blessing it is to have such gifts as our dear children .
 Thank You O Lord
below are some fabulous photos of our dearest Natasha who we did not get to see this yr. for her b-day as she is a province away . Most of all I am happy to share her with you the most beautiful gift she is ☺
sharing the way Mother Teresa teaches , without expectation

Natasha 3 days old & Mum

she was a little puggy even for such a small gal

Natasha with her great gramma Grace

Natasha hanging wash with her gramma Tirzah under the poinsetta tree in Uruapan MX

beach dancing at the cam ground in Playa del Carmen MX

hair in cane rows and fingers in the honey pot Palenque MX

sleeping angel

ocean girl Punta Allen MX

Natasha loves being a big sister ☺

she is also a talented entertainer

always a dear friend

day after prom lol

her 1940's themed wedding was gorgeous

her pops was so happy to walk her down the aisle
she is very beautiful

Natasha is also a proud home owner !
her momma loves her lots & lots !

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