Monday, April 25, 2011

fuel shortage , bad ?

I've been meditating on the whole fuel shortage issue the past week. As we plan to leave the city I am reminded how much the cost is in gas . How the times have changed , how people used to take the train , then at times the bus , then everyone wanted to drive . The train left , then the bus no longer goes out there . Local people talk about the train .It brought community together I guess .The car seems to have caused an unhealthy independence. No one need help their neighbour  as long as they can get to where they want to go.
I asked dh if we run out of gas can horses use the hwy to travel on . He said it is not the best ground for a horse to walk on even with shoes.
I of course dream of returning to MX but not convinced this would be a good thing . I do feel I would return for a purpose , to help preserve the forest and work in missions in Michoacan .
How long would it take for horses to get to central MX from Manitoba !
we usually have driven or taken the bus .
If we run our of fuel no more airplanes !
so is it bad thing a fuel shortage , for us and the planet ?
it seems when it is talked about on the news and by the media it is always presented as a negative . Yes economies would have to change drastically but really , that we would have to be more community focused and help each other more right here , would it be that bad ? Would it really be gangs of people robbing others ?
There would be alternatives to heating homes like geothermal & solar . we do have hydro here but I am not sold on hydro electric power . I've seen the damage to the lake & people etc.
I was mediating on people who travel to hide pain , for greed , for selfish reasons etc.
Mother Teresa came into my mind . She always said people should look after the homeless and hurting in their own homes, the homeless in their own city , province & country.
 Really check the why you wish to travel .Is God really asking you to travel , and if you really  believe  that you should know some of the why and the purpose. Like how we are not asked to go out and heal or protect others until we have looked after our own  .
I thought too are people prepared to stay wherever they travel to the rest of their lives if all of a sudden there was no way to travel again except over land and water by very slow means .
 Most people wish to return home eventually to their own bed etc.
 Yes we can justify our travel, to visit family etc. we need that time away , why be so conscious all the time , come on relax a little . well I honestly can't ever consider flying after learning how damaging jet fuel is .
After my mediation today I know I no matter how much I long for and miss MX , I'm not leaving here unless it is real purpose to help etc.
I plan once settled we will return to very little transportation and be more a part of our community wherever that ends up being ☺
so maybe I'm the odd one out but I'm thinking a fuel shortage could be a blessing for us and our planet .
which reminds me of another post of community which none of us can live without , rarely are we called to be hermits ;-)
Also I know I'm on the right path because get this Mother Teresa's reading for today , was yes , about helping & travel ! I will leave you with that .
Mother Teresa April 25th
You will find Calcutta all over the world if you have eyes to see.
The streets of calcutta lead to every man's door.
I know that you may want to make a trip to calcutta, but it is easy to love people far away.
It is not always easy to love those people who live beside us.
what about the ones I dislike or look down upon ?


Holly said...

There is opposition in all things the scriptures tell us and yes, higher cost of fuel would help us to be less wasteful and bring people together. But it would also bring out the worst in people too. My husband had the priveledge to speak to a gentlemen who was at the Twin Towers when they fell. He told stories of heroism but he also spoke of firefighters and policemen who took the opportunity to profit and commit crimes. Difficulties bring to the surface what's deep down in our souls. That which we have been cultivating by the choices we make each day. Choose you this day whom you shall serve. As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

rox said...

lol Holly oh yes we know full well the choices people make in desperation living in the inner city it is really visible ;-)
our family is also part Christian lebanese/palestinian so again we know the good and poor choices people make

I'm a naturally slow person and prefer not top drive and we are country bush people so for us survival without fuel is seen as a good thing ☺