Friday, April 22, 2011

earth day ~ homemade laundry soap & animal ministries

I thought I'd do another earth day post as it turned out to be such a good day of thanks for such a beautiful gift of the earth .
I always love that so many cultures had the  symbol of earth represents a mother giving life .
I always use the example of a nursing mother in regards to that giving life .If we were to remove that life source from a baby that child  would die .
I did not begin today even remembering it was earth day and barely remembered it was good Friday as our ds10 is very very ill.
He is very weak and tired and I knew we would not make an evening mass but he also needs fresh air and movement of his arms & legs as his circulation is poor  . He slept til after 12pm today .
he was also not up for the long way of the cross walk the city was doing downtown today.
while he slept I made my first batch of homemade laundry soap.!
I thought I'd first make the recipe from Adventures with my kids Stewards of God's Earth eco friendly cleaning supplies .I made the disinfectant spray but the laundry soap recipe was to much for my laundry soap bottle so I then looked up other recipes and made up my own .
You need 1 bar of castile soap , sunlight soap or zote soap or if your in the states they have this soap called fels napa I think.
I would love to make my own soap eventually too but I had zote still so used that .
you also need borax and washing soda , both are in the laundry soap area at the grocery
and lots of hot water , a pot for on the stove and a big gallon bucket or stainless steel pot for mixing , plus a container to store soap in after wards .

all the recipes said to grate the bar of soap .As I did this it did not grate it turned to powder and began to trigger my asthma ! so I just broke it with a knife into pieces.
I only used 1/2 bar of the soap as I was making 1/2 recipe
I put it in a pot on the stove with 3 large cups of boiling water and began to heat .I stirred this until the soap melted

in the big stainless steel pot I measured 3/4c borax & 3/4 c washing soda

I then added the soap mixture and stirred until it was all dissolved and then add 1 gallon of hot water and stirred and stirred . as it cools is when you can add essential oils but I chose not to. I want to have just that fresh laundry smell after I hang the wash ☺
once it was cooled I poured it into the bottle .
It is supposed to be okay in the HE washers too .
I will be able to make so many bottles as the boxes of borax and soda are really full still .
I am convinced that just as our friends in Europe do we can hang our wash all year long . I also feel we can do with far fewer clothing so that is my part to do better on keeping the earth our beautiful gift healthy ☺
God connected us all and He loves us so much that is what a young woman on the way of the cross said on the news so we are in turn to go out and also give love . We can do this by caring for all the gifts given .
This brings me to our little outing today . ds really needed this although he honestly did not walk far .
I would really appreciate prayers for him please .
To get out of the city and let the dogs run reminded me of a program we often listen to on Sundays on CBC radio called tapestry.
a few weeks ago they had a broadcast about Christian ministries with animals and also about Muslim butchers & meat farms and other talks regarding animals and religion . The pastor Michael Bruner was especially interesting to hear in regards to scripture and interpretation of scripture from when it was written in Greek first .Just as we know in Greek the word love had 4 different meanings where in the English translation it is replaced with just one word love . So the translation from Greek to now really seems to have missed the true meaning of dominion and other terms used .
there are some wonderful ministries out there .
Including these wonderful monks ! as I said in my last earth day post I so wish someone had told that young man he need not quit the seminary in order to care for elephants he can do both for God ☺ maybe we should write to him ;-)

Okay that should keep you busy lol
I'm going to let you enjoy our pics of the day we were so very thankful for

jack was very happy sniffing everything
jack & lizzie in sand pit

they go just nuts in this slushy snow

Dad stuck with our little adventure boy as he was walking very slowly

the hawks were having a great day lots of yummies in the open fields this time of yr I guess

the ice is breaking up

yes again he did his rolling around in the Slurpee

silly boy
I love the first look at the lake

a lot of sand came in this yr.

can you believe they went in the water !

yes they did !

it is so spectacular but also heartbreaking every time we have to leave it really pains my heart

okay my eyes are really granny eyes now. I said to dh "turn the van around that is a pony over there running down the road !" lol nope ! just one big fluffy dog
although I've not always been wrong we've found a bison wandering down a road on one of our outings ☺

yes they went crazy seeing the other dog however we joke with them and say
"look theres a telephone pole ! "
and yes they start barking, pacing and looking out the window lol

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