Friday, April 8, 2011

Blessed Kateri Miracles & Healing Lake Winnipeg

As mentioned in an earlier post I am going to begin attending this evening a weekend long workshop on Blessed Kateri & Aboriginal teachings and the customs etc. within our catholic religion within the Aboriginal catholic culture .
 Even thought we've been beat down sick with this cold/ flu thing for over a week I am still ever so thrilled about this weekend .
 I wanted to try and journal my leanings and experience while attending and really felt moved by the Holy Spirit all this passed week influenced once again by Nicholas Black Elk , ST.Juan Diego & of course my sweet soul sister Kateri
 I # 1 want to urge you all to please please watch if you can the Episode Save My Lake The Nature of Things by David Suzuki which was featured program on Lake Winnipeg and its pollution and need of healing .
This doc. was actually very well done considering all the topics involved . What I found extremely important was the emphasis upon the interconnection of all parts . How we cannot ignore one part of nature and focus solely on another . I really enjoyed the piece about the vast marsh & wetland systems which are vital to the health of major lakes. I believe the same effects of flooding & draining wetlands is happening in the united states as well. to quote the man in the doc. " The Marsh is like the liver of the lake " This is exactly true ! That major filtering organ ! If we remove our liver we cannot survive can we ?
Showing how what goes onto the farmers fields 100's of miles away drains into those water sheds and it all eventually hits , you guessed it .The Lake !
Last summer saw extreme levels of blue green algae blooms . This is when I felt the calling to pray to Blessed Kateri in regards to healing of the water . Kateri like our ancestors before us knew of a time we could drink right out of the lake .
In fact it has only been through the last 3-4 generations in which we could not drink from the lake .
 I also do wish to point out which they missed in the doc. and actually even claimed we did not know the effects to come via the actions back then regarding modern farming practices & the damming of the rivers . This is not exactly true .
 There were indeed people who did speak out and in fact protested the building of the major hydro dams and spoke out very clearly about the effects and damage that would come by maintaining high lake levels. I know this because it was my own elders who did so. My grandma,other and mother .In fact even after the dams were built native groups protested because of the rising levels of water it flooded forests which then rotted and polluted the water and killed the fish off.
So what is all the talk of listen to your elders about anyway if your not actually going to do what you hear . I can see it is in the end all about money . We've known for decades now the effects of chemical farming via the experiences in Europe . Did we take any measures to prevent this from happening here . no .
 So while I am happy to see the education of many coming via the professionals .Is it not sad sad sad that , that is what it takes to heal a lake . When the damage should not have happened in the first place .
This lake gave my family life to keep living . Through the depression when others on the prairies & in the cities suffered greatly although just as financially poor , our family was able to grow vegetables , fish , raise animals etc. all due to the life giving waters of Lake Winnipeg .
So , back to Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha ! last weekend just as mass ended on Sunday Fr. asked if we could sit and listen to a ladies testimonial story . She is a beautiful Aboriginal woman from up north . She said she is catholic but her dh is not . When she and her dh were young parents she became very ill. The Dr. informed them that the type of illness she had would live her legs crippled .She'd no longer be able to walk . They soon were sent here to the big city for her to wait out the illness and receive a wheelchair . While in the hospital she had a roommate a young fellow who said all he wanted was a wheel chair too. I guess back then you had to pay for a wheel chair unless one was donated to you via a Charity .
 While the family waited her dh told her she should go find a church . This made me smile because my dh does this exact same thing to me ! although my dh rarely will attend church he knows how much alive and am myself when I am attending .Now that is a beautiful love of sharing and giving is it not .  
So off  this woman went with her children out walking .Well what did they come across but the parish of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha ☺ They went inside to pray .
 Now I'm not sure if it was the next day or that week but this woman had a dream. She had a dream she met Blessed Kateri . She came to her and she gave her a cup of water and told her to drink it . It was pure good water . She had this same dream I believe she said two more nights. Kateri retrieved a cup of water from a lake and gave her the water to drink . Kateri told her to drink because the water was going to heal her.
 Well the woman awoke and sat up to get out of bed. An attending nurse told her she must not try and walk because she will calapse and fall and may crush her legs beneath her. The woman insisted she was to get up. I have to she said. The nurse asked do you want my help. The woman said no I can do it. She got up and went to the washroom .She said it was while she was in there that she realized she was walking ! She could walk !
The Dr. told her she was fine and she'd not be needing her wheel chair at all ! When asked what to do with the chair . She pointed to her young roommate and said give it to him ☺
I can tell you the tears of joy were swelling up inside me when I listened to her story . She said she shares because she wishes people never to ever doubt or forget the power of a prayer !
 Is that not just so beautiful .
 So I am believing today as the rains come down once again and our province prepares for major flooding ,( which of course all this flooding rivers end up back in our lake . ) that Blessed Kateri intercede and help restore the health and life to Lake Winnipeg . That we may be respectful and find balance in what we use from the earth this gift we have been given to keep us alive .
Below are some pictures of our life with the lake and her surroundings ☺


the canoe

the home

natural play

sled dogs & fishing boats

as a child I loved to sit on the shore watching & listening

little rox always with a stick in hand ☺

our children play & discover just as generations before


& jumping

Beach Dogs !
who needs a plastic ball when you've got a stick ☺

these trails which once were deer trails and walking paths have become this wide because of ATV use .
we walk !!!!

brother eagle

the children are constantly enjoying the nature around us.
 There was a period of time the municipality did aireal spraying . We saw the result of no frogs or dragon flies for many yrs . We are happy to say they have returned by the many ☺

little violets

we love the lake in all her seasons ☺

now is that not Art !

once again natural play is what we choose


AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Rox...
This really, really, REALLY, touches me this morning...I will keep your blessed Lake Winnipeg in my prayers Sister and send healing along to her!

Bless You Rox and Bless You Kateri!!!

I loved each one of your photos!

rox said...

Thank You so very much Akasa !
I am feeling so very overwhelmed with blessing today ☺