Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Lenten Table

Yes , it is the lenten season . A time of fasting , cleansing & giving up within our Christian seasonal year .
First let me say all religions & cultures have a toime like this . I heard of a local hs woman mocking once again those chirtsinas and how silly we are to give up meat . she is a vegatarian and how silly it seems . Our ds23 is a vegitarian by choice .My dh & I were veggies too in our 20's . It is just not a practical diet here in our area and the further north you move you will need to eat more meat .It is not the object of meat which we are focusing on anyway  .It is the mere fact of being unselfish giving something up .(Meat is like a luxury item to many people .I look at back when my mother was a child or my grandparents , they only had meat when it was hunting or fishing season  ) Cleansing onesself of toxic things be they physical , material or spiritual . honestly even secular people can see the value in that !
 so let us leave ignorant people behind ;-)
Many families are sharing thier lenten menus with each other this yr. so I thought I'd give it a shot .
I will list what I will attepmt to serve each week and if I can will list the how to recipe .
As you know I am often a wing it kind of gal so having an actual recipe may turn into me linking you to an actual recipe via a website as I just may not have a recipe and make it up as I go along ☺
We are trying to not just give up meat on wed. & fri. but everyday . This caused me a bit of eternal struggle as really if we eat local I should be eating meat ! People in the north eat meat ! It is a staple and especially during winter months .
However I am also so very tired of meat & root veggies !
Come Feb. I am craving watermelon .
So I did decide to quit meat and buy some nice fruits & veggies ( the non root variety ) especially salads .
 I also decided to give up sugar . I need to do this as I have been very yeasty lately and it will be good for my body. I'm going to try and make mole which is how I will get my chocolate fix ☺
 Also just before lent my cousin sent me a done of yummy items from the Lebanese store . lemon almonds , lime pistashios , dates and the most wonderful herbal teas ☺
 So I think I'll make it diet wise through lent ;-)

This is the salt dough crown of thorns ds15 made . I placed it on a circular piece of spruce as the center piece for our lenten table .
Our first meal of lent I made a spinich , feta , mango pizza. I also threw a ton of onions & black olives on it .I am going to save time and just link an older post I did on pizza ☺ I made a pizza dough and threw into it this wonderful smoked paprika spice my cousin sent us .

It is such a great spice !

Last night we had curried Lebanese lentil soup .
It is so so good and best part it is easy breezy to make ☺
1/4c olive oil
1/4c butter
2 large onions chopped
1 head garlic peeled
2-3T curry powder
2c browny green lentils rinsed off well & drained
boiling water
sour cream
east indian pickle

In a deep pot add 1/4c olive oil & 1/4c butter , heat until butter is melted .  saute  onions & garlic ( now is the time if you wish to have celery or peppers to add them as well )until onion is clear . then throw in lentils and saute a few minutes. add in curry powder and stir for another few minutes. then add boiling water to cover lentils well. fill your kettle again so you can add hot water as needed . cook lentils until soft . I then take a potatoe masher and mash them a bit .Some might use a blender or food processor but  I find a masher just fine . You can basically add as much water as you like for the thickness .I like a thicker style soup .  with salt just add to taste but I tend to not add much salt as lime pickle or other condiments can be very salty when added to soup.serve
garnish with sour cream or yogurt , squeeze lemon juice , add cilantro

sour cream


lime pickle

yum yum


Doris Sturm said...

Thank you for this lovely post. It's nice to see other people still observe Lent. I am not much of a meat eater anymore (for health reasons) and really enjoy lentils and beans a lot...I live alone, so soup is pretty much my main staple...well, and sandwiches (bread's my downfall) but I will definitely curb my appetite, and drink more water and broth to fill me up and see if I can't shed a few pounds while pondering my spiritual reasons for fasting. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but am not a hard-core religious person, but am glad to have had the education I needed to become a spiritually stable person.

Your lentil soup looks and sounds delicious!

rox said...

Thank You for visiting Doris !
we were vegitarian when in our 20's and our eldest ds23 is a practicing vegitarian .
However like I said we are people of the north and it is a staple . We love elk & bison meat and of course my family were also fishermen too so we are used to eating fish ☺
I love that fluffy dog with you ☺

Texan said...

All your recipes look wonderful!

I love that smoked paprika it is if not my favorite spice one of them for sure.

The fried tofu pockets I must try.

I look forward to your grape leaf roll/wrap recipe.

I have baby goat (kid) pictures on the last three post of my blog right now. Its been kidding season here :O).