Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pics ~ Summer Rolls & Done Eggs

I thought I'd pop in and post a few pics of a few meals to give an idea of the how to and what the food looks like when complete ☺
Above we have Vietnamese summer rolls
and yes they are extremely good !
purchase rice paper wraps .These are hard & dry and very inexpensive
soak one wrap at a time in warm water for a minute or so until soft . Pick it up and shake water off a little bit .Then lay it on a table or cutting board .

lay a roll of cooked rice noodles on the rice wrap. Again rice noodles are extremely cheap and take only a few minutes to cook

on top of noodles place some chopped veggies. Often lettuce is used but I bought a nice bok choy for stir fry and it is just as good if not better in the summer roll . shredded carrot, chopped green onion , bean sprout , I love cilantro and it is traditional to use fresh mint however I do not put mint in all rolls as some kids do not like mint .

so this is basically what you have before rolling it up.Often thinly sliced pork is used but we like shrimp and if you are totally no fish too then a nice sliced marinated tofu would be good.
 roll up just as you would a burrito . try and roll as tight as possible .

This is the finished item ! as I mentioned in the previous post this is often served with hosin sauce . I love it with a spoon of rooster hot sauce thrown in and usually crushed roasted peanut  but I used toasted sesame seed this time .Mix the hosin with a bit of boiling water just to thin it out a bit. I also think these rolls would be great with a wasabi ☺

Below are the Done Eggs I mentioned in my earlier post

Heat fry pan and heat either oil or butter in pan . Place cooked left over rice in pan and try and squish it down as much as possible and form into a pancake shape . season top of rice with salt , pepper or spike / mrs. dash etc.
let cook until rice is browned and crispy. then flip over . it is okay if it breaks up a bit , it still tastes great in the end .

once rice is flipped over season again and add a small amount of soy sauce . season eggs too if you like . now place a small amount of water in hot pan .

cover the fry pan with a plate so no steam escapes.
Cook a few minutes til eggs are cooked but still runny .

Yum Yum
 Done Eggs !


Liesl said...

Those Vietnamese rolls are just the thing for me! How do you wrap a burrito? In RSA it is not a food that is often encountered!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Rox I am just drooling over all this delicious looking food!! LOVE the summer rolls!

rox said...

Thanks so much for visiting ladies !