Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Lenten Table ~ Weekly Menu & White Fish

We had a really lovely supper last night not only because we love white fish but it was nice to have comfort food in the middle of a blizzard .
We like white fish because it is one of the only local fish that is sold in the chain grocery stores here .Almost all other fish comes from Taiwan or Thailand& China ! How can a country that has so many lakes and has 3 oceans import so much fish ! Kind of sad isn't it .

Last night I made a nice big fresh salad . we do not often buy salad dressings , we use olive oil, different vinegars , lemons , sour cream , gherkin pickles , olives , feta , nuts , raisins etc.
each of us like our own additions so I tend to make a pretty generic salad then people add sunflower seeds , cheese etc. I tend to like sweet cream dressings  & dh loves those sour vinegars ☺

I know this fellow does not look very good but he tastes great ! ds15 is a big fisherman he loves all fish . Yes he & dh eat the eyes often the bones ;-)
He also loves to season the fish and I have no objections what so ever ☺
This time he used a ton of butter which I would not have used so much but am glad he did ;-) dill & garlic .
He seasons the fish & wraps in foil then cooks @ 400f time varies because often our fish is still partially frozen .This fellow took about 1hr 20min which if fresh only takes about 30min .
I know for lent we should've had it plain with so seasoning  ( maybe next year )
I will try and share our weekly menu ideas here and then pop in throughout the week with pics & recipes if I can .
Weekly Supper Menu Saturday March 12th - Friday March 18th

Saturday ~ Stuffed Bell Peppers & fresh bread ( I got peppers 1/2 price in the discount bin )
peppers are stuffed with a seasoned cooked rice mix then baked

Sunday ~ Tuna Casserole & cut up Fresh Veggies ( bell peppers , carrot sticks , celery sticks )

Monday ~ Homemade Won ton Soup & Deep Fried Won ton
the boys love making won ton . usually we use pork but this time we are using shrimp & tofu

Tuesday ~ Summer Rolls & Hosin Dipping Sauce
I make summer rolls with cooked rice noodles, lettuce ,bean sprout , shredded carrot ,  a bit of green onion , cilantro shrimp and do not forget the fresh mint !
Hosin dipping sauce is hosin sauce with a bit of rooster brand garlic chili added dilute with water and we like some crushed roasted peanuts sprinkled on top ☺

Wednesday ~ Stirfry ( this sort of speaks for itself )
make plenty of rice so you will have some for Done Eggs the next day

Thursday ~ Done Eggs
these eggs are so so good and my friend gave me the recipe ( idea ) their last name is Done ( which I misspelled at the time ) I later learned Done means eggs in a certain Chinese dialect !
I make these after a stir fry night because you need left over rice
In a fry pan melt butter . Place about 1c cooked rice on butter flattening rice out into a flat circular pancake shape about 1/2in thick . Season rice with spike or  mrs. dash or salt & pepper also we always season with soy sauce . fry rice until crispy on bottom then flip over and continue to cook until fairly crispy . when rice is ready , try and make two small holes in top of rice pancake ,crack two eggs in holes of rice pancake . try not to break yolks as this tastes best with runny eggs ☺ put a small amount of water into fry pan and cover with a lid or plate not allowing steam to escape. cook until eggs are ready ( again runny yolk is best )
These are so so good !
Friday ~ Tofu Chinese Mushroom Hot Pot
this is basically a tofu/ mushroom stew , seasoned with miso and can be served with rice too but we like it just as a very thick soup .I also prefer it with deep fried tofu but some like it with soft tofu too .
I'm still think of a bread or something to go with this .


Gae said...

Dear Rox,
What a wonderful blessing
Great choices for everyone here
have a blessed week

molly said...

I think I will try those done eggs tomorrow.
Lovely post.

rox said...

Oh I am just going to post a few pics now of a few dishes ☺